Video: MSNBC Host: All Your Kids Belong To Us

This woman genuinely scares me…

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    Bullshit, Kids belong to their parents and the parents should take responsibility for them. However, many parents these days take no responsibility for them.

  2. I think I just vomited. Who in the world lets people like this speak?!? A child is ABSOLUTELY the parent's responsibility. This is the way God intended it to be. This is the way nature intended life to be! It is unfortunate that a person such as this woman can voice such a disrespectful comment.

  3. wayne mann says:

    DE-PROGRAM THE CHILDREN FROM ISLAMIC INDOCTRINATION. NO MORE SHARIAH LAW. NO MORE ABUSR OF OUR CONSTITUTION. And since the presidency is unconstitutional… His laws are not laws they are illegal laws and by it being illegal laws we do not have to follow them. He is not the real president… He’s a fraud so everything he says is fraudulent.

  4. RacerJim says:

    This nanny state POS scares me almost as much as nanny statist Obunghole does. Just goes to prove that our so-called educational system has actually been a nanny state indoctrination system.

  5. Helen Tritt says:

    Those people on MSNBC are such blatant AIR HEADS! They do not have a functional brain AT ALL. They are definitely in the category of the SHEEP being led by the nose of puppet.

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