Video: MSNBC Falsely Reports From A Satirical HuffPo Piece

These people are so out of touch that they cannot tell the difference between satire and truth. MSNBC should never be trusted.

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  1. David F. says:

    Geez, MSNBC must be hitting the bottom of the barrel if the reporters and supposedly everything that goes on air has to be run through different "Filters" of people to be aired to have missed the "Satirical" words in the original story this idiot was reporting on.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    My bad, an "error", satirical.
    Nice way of getting your message out then if it's not fully accepted to back track.

    The moon is made of green cheese.

    It's not? I was being satirical.

    It is? See, I told you it was!

    The days of unbiased, fact based reporting is gone.

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