Video: MSNBC Claims Birther Bombshell

It is clear that the natural-born issue is not settled…

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  1. David F. says:

    If I had one wish, I would wish for a New Federal Law that states "Any News Organization, that KNOWINGLY gives false or fabricated News to a viewing Public, while either in Print, on Television, over the Internet, or on the Radio, could be sued by ANY American Citizen that uncovers the False or Fabricated News. The News Organization would also be responsible FOR ALL COURT COSTS"

    It's time for the "News" to actually mean something, and not just toss out Drivel or Political Ideology, but MUST return to substantive News.

  2. douglasjbender says:

    What a bunch of clueless smuggery on display in that video.

  3. Peaver Bogart says:

    When Obozo ran and made Senator for Illinois it was all over the news that he was born in Kenya. Why are they ignoring that?

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