Video: MSNBC Caught Framing Veterans In D.C. With Edited Video

Watch how MSNBC has been caught airing a deceptively edited video of a rally that took place in Washington D.C., in addition to flagrantly lying to its viewers. Raw footage of the protests outside the gates of the White House showed hyped-up riot police striking and shoving elderly war vets.

However, in a segment produced by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, only two-thirds of the footage was shown, making it appear as though veterans initiated the confrontations.

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  1. No surprise to me. Rach is a nut case and looking for ratings (which she did not get)

  2. Moron's Stupid Network Bias Commentators is what they hire. It only shows that these are the very same idiots who want to say "Thank you Vets" while jabbing a knife in each and every veteran and active duty members who gave their lives and bodies to protect their 1st Amendment rights to Yellow Journalism. Who gave them their degrees? California? or did they earn them from the back of an ad in a Harry Reid newspaper?

  3. Linda From NY says:

    This leftist media have no integrity how dare they lie and twist the truth on our veterans who fought for the rights to their Memorials. This lying media are in bed with the obama administration, they do and say anything including lie for this illegal Kenyan, shame on them, traitors, I hope their ratings go down, they deserve it.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Isn't it amazing how bad and one sided reporting can get and Madcow is among the worst.Someone should put something on her dildo to make her mouth shut up.

  4. I was there…did that…saw that.

    Hey Madcow and, moreover, Obutthole….UP YOURS!!!!

    Vietnam Veteran

    • Thank you my fellow American.
      It was a moment for us that in five long years of BO HO leadership we felt pride in our country and our fellow Americans.

      Retired USN, Subs

  5. Block her show on the parent option on your TV. It helps to decrease this bimbo's rating as it also does on all other shows not worth watch. That's most of television these days.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rachel Madcow is a lezzie racist who just loves her jigaboo president and that no matter what he does is good.She should die of cancer of the brain but without a brain the bitch lives.How decietful can you get reporting on Obuttholes new civilian army.

  7. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Madcow is just another MSM liar, nobody should watch NBC!!!

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