Video: MSNBC Calls Hamas Rockets ‘Harmless’

More rockets have been lobbed at Israel than the entirety of the German bombing of London, yet MSNBC thinks this is “harmless.” Are they clueless or anti-Israel or both?

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  1. johnfromchicago says:

    No media bias here of course. (sarcasm)

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      johnfromchicago how does it feel to have that queer as your mayor?Besides yourself aren't there anyone who wants honesty and corruption gone from your politics.

  2. Yeah and the Israelis are supposed to put up with 150 Iran made missles being lobbed at them last week, and hundreds during the summer. I just heard an audio of BBC about Hitler cozy with the Mulah in 1941 and allied themselves to kill the Jews.

  3. Dan Stewart says:

    What is with PMSNBC?? I don't watch these STUPID idiots, I doubt anybody but a few libs watch this crappy network. I think it would be interesting if someone lobed a few of there "harmless" rockets at pmsnbc.. Everyone could get a laugh as these idiots freaked out.

  4. I havent watched msnbc,nbc or cnn in years and this tells me i don't haveto worry about having missed anything worth crap from them as it is still the same shithole they all were before. Must be all islaic converts or something runing the show there

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm with you on not watching MSNBC,NBC,CNN,but I also added CBS and ABC.All these networks are Obutthole backers they wouldn't give you the right time of day if you asked them.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Too bad someone don't shoot rockets at the msnbcbuilding and see if those assholes would like it.Maybe they would get fatass Ed Schultz or Andrea "botox" Mitchell and that other queer Chris Matthews.

  6. freedom fighter says:

    As an undergraduate in engineering many years ago, the most loathed individuals were the journalist & political science majors – Why – b/c the journalist lives on the exploitation of the sorrows of others ( same as an attorney) and the poli sci major revealed that even though eh would not command the salary that a free thinking and creative engineer would contribute to society but indicated that he will be living off my tax revenue – parasite by definition – please do not honor or reconize these exploiters as they do not even know what end of the nail has to be pounded into the board – miscreants, malcontents and reactionary parasites at best – hope they all drink themselves to death b/c they realize what they have to do to feed themselves which is exploit others efforts.

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