Video: MSNBC Attacks Romney For Collecting Storm Supplies For Event

What is Andrea Mitchell’s problem?

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  1. Retired Marine says:

    She is proof that there is no fool like an old fool.

  2. Romney did NOTHING wrong and I do not understand her views (except that she is a left liberal and they do not know what "helping" is)

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is what happens when an old bitch gets her ass pulled up to her face,she starts talking out of it.I can't believe Andrea just don't crawl in a hole and die and do the world a favor.If her little pet monkey Pres. Obutthole did what Romney did she'd be praising and kissing his ass like there was no tomorrow.Andrea is just an old slut
    ready for the grave,all that botox and plastic surgery can't help her.Another Pelosi and Boxhead Boxer.

  4. Gee, I wonder if she ever figured out the reason to do this Donation Event in Ohio, Is because OHIO ISN'T IN THE STORMS PATH. Seriously how many brain cells does this woman have left?? It's not Rocket Science to consider getting Donations from an Area not being affected and giving it to the area that has been affected. I'm also pretty sure that the people who will be receiving those donations don't care if the food they will receive came from a "Specific Buyer" or from people donating a mish-mash of products brought in to Donation Centers separately!!

  5. Mitt Romney asked people to donate to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army fot the storm victims. Michelle Obama made phone calls begging for money for her husband's campaign the day after Sandy. Duh, which one is wrong?

  6. You liberal, communist bastards don't understand. People like Romney just jump in and start doing what they can to help. As far as the RED CROSS I wouldn't give one red cent to that organization. All of the monies it collected from us it went to foreign countries. When we needed them here in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina they were the most unuseful organization here. I'll tell you who did the most. Everyday American Citizens jumping in their private boats rescuing people off of their roofs in New Orleans. At the same time some of these black ungrateful bastards were shooting the people risking their lives were dodging bullets and helping people get off of roof tops. The churches in our area did more that anything that the Red Cross did.

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