Video: Mount Obama? Set In Stone?

Have Americans lost their mind? Obama may be added to Mount Rushmore!

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  1. jb80538 says:

    Absolutely NO! He should NEVER even visit there let alone be enshrined there.

    • Michael Nettrour says:

      Only if he leaves office now, and we put him butt up, on the other side of the mountain, with a shrine to failed, disgraced and ineffective Presidents. Everyone can at least be a bad example. Lets see would could add Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter. Even those Presidents had a few redeeming social values.Bill was the life of the party and could at least play an instrument. Tricky Dick, at least resigned when faced with a lawful impeachment, Jimmy Carter tried hard, but learned the playing fair only works with people who believe in playing fair.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Are you sure they did not meant "set in hell fire?" I guess that would come later!!!

    • Putting Obama on Mt. Rushmore would be an embarassment to the country. Haven't we already fallen into the negaative enough with him just being president? Please don't even consider it….Whaat a joke. Please note – they asked 10 professors at a university and 3 said he should be on Mt. Rushmore – but 7 said absolutely not. That is where they got 30%.

  2. upaces88 says:

    IF this is his plan? What an arrogant asshole to think he should be part of that?
    A statute of him could be placed in the everglades with the rest of the snakes..

  3. Ncgritsgirl says:


  4. JuneUSA says:

    Put it in an amusement park and we can all throw mud pies at it.

  5. O.K. BUTT FIRST!!

  6. Patriot says:

    Instead of ruining a Beautiful Mountain, maybe they should Freeze dry his Body with pen in hand, and put it on display at his Library along with a few of his minions for realism.

  7. As though We the People would want to see Obama on MT. Rushmore. If we want to see or be reminded of him later on all we have to do is look at the south end of a Jackass going north.

  8. Rob Robinson says:

    Even if we were to consider the views of a mere 10 professors at a decidedly liberal university to be relevant to anything, the very fact that 70% of them thought this was NOT a good idea should put this ridiculous suggestion to bed once and for all. IMHO, to insure historical perspective, we shouldn't consider national holidays or monuments honoring anyone until at least 50 years after their death.

  9. Karen Sensenig says:

    Not on my Watch!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a Traitor and a Fraud, not a Patriot!

  10. Capt. Jerry says:

    Wow they could actually fit a horses ass on that stone. Is therer enough room.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      Put him up there with manure coming from his mouth !!! It would depict what he has done to America

  11. kittyhane says:

    leave it for the muslims to do out of camel dung. It melts in the rain

  12. Here's the only acceptable image of BS-Barry, IMO…

  13. Let's poll "Buckwheat" Barack himself — "Buckwheat" says "O'Tay." Seriously, if that did happen, Mount Rushmore would become the newest ghetto.

  14. The only thing this guy accomplished was help ruin America !


    • After what he did to the coal miners I would think they would be more than happy to donate a large lump of coal to put on the mountain to carve his image out of. It needs to be a lump of coal that has a whole bunch of white granite in it so it matches better.

  16. Wiseoldlady says:

    ARE PEOPLE INSANE!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!
    This POS president we have now has done MORE DESTRUCTION THAN ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS PUT TOGETHER. I want to puke at the thought of such a deceitful dishonest unpatriotic, destroying America from within, SOB on a national tourist site naturally paid for with our tax dollars!!!!!!!!!! He is a muslim traitor born in Kenya and idiots want this pond scum carved there…… UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!! HE HAS NOT EARNED IT!!!!!!!

    • Dan Jovanovich says:

      JFK? REALLY? I’m going to take a wild guess And say you are Catholic. JFK Was one of the most immoral and ineffective presidents we’ve had in modern times. Forget the Camelot BS. You Catholic Sneed to worship Jesus Christ, not John F Kennedy.

  17. If they carved his head sticking out of a toilet bowl; most people would be for that – Mount Flushmore.

  18. Knowing Obama, he wouldn't be satisfied with just a space on the mountain. He'd probably want the other four faces demolished (because they're white) and then have a massive bust put in their place. Then he'd require Americans (will they still be called Americans by then?) to trek to the site from all over the country to pay homage or tribute to the bust every so often. I'm also going to guess his glare would be carved into the bust to match the glaring face that's on his own currency.

  19. you have to be joking me what a disgrace to have a thieving liar and embarrassment to the country as a national monument

  20. 30 percent of professors should be fired

  21. And where did this idea really come from? Obama. the narcissist in chief. Kind of like how he re-wrote past presidents history by inserting himself in their bios. Like claiming he perfected whatever achievement such as FDR, Lincoln, JFK etc..
    This ego actually believes his own press. He is in reality an insult to every president, including Nixon and carter (old peanut brain).
    I have a question. Every president on Mt Rushmore was only added AFTER they had died….mmm is Obama feeling ok? Just wondering.

  22. anonymous says:

    O'Blamer is a disgrace. Wait until the impeachment proceedings have ended!

  23. Anonymous says:

    He’ll no, and if he did manged to get it up there someone would dynamite that shit off for it my give our kids nightmares.

  24. His image should be at the bottom af an outhouse – you know after you lift the seat.

  25. A. Patriot says:

    That COMMUNIST ANTI-AMERICAN only belongs on a mountain side in SIBERIA !!!!
    They polled "professors" ??? Why ??? Professors are IDIOTS !!!! All they know
    about is WRITING CRAP ON PAPER that NEVER work in the real world !!!!
    barry soetoro should be FORGOTTEN right after he is FINALLY GONE FROM THE WHITE HOUSE !!!!
    In the immortal words of Harvey Danger…"STUPID PEOPLE ARE BREEDING" !!!!

  26. Linda A. From NY says:

    Hell NO!!!, This stupid idea came from a few liberal professors with most likely communist views, then what is next? change our American Flag an put obama face on it and call it ObamaNation

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda don't give them ideas with those big ears the statue would crumble.Maybe they could put him under Crazy Horses horses ass so it look like the horse took a dump.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        He's not good enough to even be crap left by the horse of Crazy Horse! He may be the ideal candidate to be the crap of Miss Piggy, but nothing else!

  27. Harold Toledo OH says:

    Barack Obama is the worst president this country has ever seen. Barack Obama is a well established communist and enemy of the United States of America and OUR Constitution. What kind of stupid to the millionth power idiot or idiots could even think of such an asinine idea? They may as well put Joseph Stalen on Mount Rushmore. I still cannot get past the idea that Barack Obama is president. He never honestly met all the qualifications to even be nominated. Barack Obama is a 'crime boss' that broke out of Chicago, IL.

  28. Edwardkoziol says:

    Everybody thought it was a joke when they seen a big lump of coal going on I90 going towards Mt.Rushmore.I don't see why if they want this ass to be carved in coal they should do it in WV Joe Manchins home state where coal use to be king.It would be a sin to put him next to great presidents when this guy isn't even a true black igger.Now if they had a place where dummies would be carved then that is where he should along with Jimmy Carter

  29. Joy Ambuehl says:

    Putting Obama on Mt. Rushmore is the absolute worst idea – ever! Come on people, wise up. Never!

  30. Whatzrname says:

    Every time he comes on tv, I'm grabbing for the remote 'cause i can't stand to see his ugly face, so it's unimaginable for that ugly face to be forever on the side of a mountain!

    • sickoflies says:

      Whatzname, I am with you. And when he speaks those dang veneers of his whistle. The guy is from the wrong side of the tracks. Neither he nor michele have the least bit of elegence.

  31. anonymous says:

    O'Blamers face will be on Mt Rushmore . . . when the Islamic flag flies over the White House . . NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

  32. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Mount Obama??? I thought mount was a verb referring to his sexuaI escapes with Larry Sinclare and Donald Love to only mention a couple.

  33. if americans decide to put that illegal pres on mt rushmore i am moving to canada … what a joke ,the most corrupt, egotistical joke of a pres , more so than jimmy carter, i never thought anyone could surpass jimmy carter as the most dimwitted pres but obumer has ..

  34. Are you Sh!tt!ng Me? This POSPOTUS should be hung by the neck.

  35. Retired Marine says:

    Half of Chicago mounted this Kenyan usurper, keep it off our mountains.

  36. Marilyn says:

    He doesn't deserve anything, he has gotten a free pass the whole time he has lied to us. I don't understand how or why he is still in charge. It makes me sick to think how our country is allowing him to get away with murder then to put mph is mug up with real heroes is a real insult.

  37. Putting Obama on Mt. Rushmore is an excellent idea –

    provided he is tied down spreadeagled on a rock so that the carrion birds can feast on his rotting carcase.

  38. John Galt says:

    OK then, lets carve him out of a giant lump of high sulfur coal and then toss him into one of our power plants. We may as well get at least a tiny little bit of use out of him

  39. John Galt says:

    I like the scrolling news report under Mt Obama;

  40. Unbelievable.

  41. Dan Jovanovich says:

    This whole thing is BS anyway. I don’t care of Fox News fell for it. They fall for a lot of stuff liberals push. President Reagan would have been on Mount Rushmore but there is not enough room and would compromise the structural integrity of the entire mountain. Please concentrate on this serious scandals of this administration and don’t try this cheap stuff to “gin up the base.” Besides, it wouldn’t even near completion before they were blasted off the mountain. Let’s stick to this serious, impeachable offenses and get r done!

  42. If some idiot's put his face up there with some honest presidents, then the whole mountain needs to be blown up. What a disgrace to the USA if this tragedy ever happens.

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