Video: Mom’s Lunches Banned at School

For generations, mothers have been sending their kids to school with lunches, lovingly prepared at home.  But how much longer will this continue?

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Who do they think they are to decide what is or is not 'healthy' for my child! Good thing my child is no longer in school for I would DARE them to tell me NOT to send a lunch with my child!
    This 'government' is so high on itself it doesn't tell you that many of our 'American' foods are BANNED in foreign countries.
    They want to give our children milk LADEN with steroids like gBHT or genetically modified foods.
    I will feed my kids and grandkids what I want! NOT what you demand I do!
    I DARE you to try to stop me!

    Now we have FOOD NAZIS??

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks isn't it something that we have food police today to tell us how to feed our children.Like you thank god my kids are grown because the minute they told me what to feed my kids I would have been at the office knocking down the doors.When that black Sand Monkey Moochella lectures people on feeding their kids she should be jailed.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        You should have seen me the time my kid was in kindergarten and the teacher was 7 months pregnant and decided to 'teach' the kids where babies come from. She even wanted them to 'touch' the baby.
        Needless to say she went on immediate maternity leave. Good thing she was pregnant or I would have beat her senseless.
        You should hear the times the teacher told my kid since he was bigger than the others he shouldn't hit back when the other kids hit him or when the dean told my kid, in front of me mind you, that he did NOT have to listen to me!
        Want to talk about fire…..

        All it takes is parents standing up to the 'bullies'.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          I had the same experience with a teacher that my youngest had in second grade and we confronted her and the principal about it.The teachers aid told us that she picked on my son for no reason.If it was legal I would have choked the bitch till she turned blue.As the story goes they put him in with a good friend of mine who was a 3rd & 4th teacher and no more trouble.Some asses were never meant to be teachers.

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            I didn't care if it was legal or not. When the teacher told my kid to let others beat him up because he was bigger, I pinned her to the wall by the throat. Told her she's bigger than me, do I get to beat her up?
            She stopped after that one.
            I don't care what's 'legal'. I live by the old school rules.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who the hell does the government think they are in telling us what to feed our kids.

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