Video: MN. Dem Elections Manager Hides 2012 Election Records To Cover Up Voter Fraud

In this January 3rd, 2013 edition of the Minnesota Majority Report, Sue Jeffers and Dan McGrath discuss Ramsey County Election Manager Joe Mansky’s recent refusal to provide public access to 2012 election records, even though he has made them available for previous elections and they are vital to detect and prove voter fraud.

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  1. RadmanBob says:

    Sure, a newspaper will publish the names of people who lawfully own a firearm…to the chagrin of all the people in the countyp who don't…as the latter now comprise a target-rich environment for criminals. And yet, a county has the audacity to withold public voting records that would likely reveal voter fraud. Disgraceful behavior, Mr. Mansky!

  2. file a FOIA

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