Video: Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech At The RNC

Mitt Romney accepts the Republican Presidential nomination at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay Times Forum.

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  1. disgusted says:

    I do not sit and watch every politician who speaks, and I did not do this with the RNC, in Tampa. I did, however watch two of the speakers, first, Clint Eastwood, whose speech was strange, but a good one just the same. Loved the mockery of the “non existan “man” in the chair” and the way Eastwood “answered” him…….

    And I watched Mitt Romney’s speech all the way through. I came away from this speech with the feelings that we have someone who is a good and decent person for office of the President, if we only give him a chance. He cannot possibly make it worse than what we have, and if we don’t allow him at least the chance to try, we will surely find ourselves much, much worse off with the current Disaster who now destroys everything he touches, and lies with every breath he takes. I think, beleive, that Romney is honest. And as mild mannered as he seems to be, I beleive also, that if he were to become riled, and our nation is attacked from any side, from any enemy, within or without, that he would rise to the occasion and bring our nation a sense of pride that we have lost in the last 3 years and 9 months. And, this may surprise you or upset you, either way, I do not care, but I also beleive that the fact he is a Morman will work FOR us, and not AGAINST us. Mormans are good people, and they work for what they have, as they always have done. Unlike some in our nation, Mormans live decent, upright and clean lives for the most part. They do not push their religion down anyone’s throats, they go out as missionaries in our own country, and knock on doors. If you do not want to talk to them, they are polite and go away politely. There are other religions who do not do the same, and are pushy and rude, Morman’s however, are never rude or pushy. I have relatives who are of the Morman faith, and they serve God, and beleive that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, like we of other faiths beleive. This man who is running for officec of our President deserves a chance to show America what he can do, and as we seem to really have no other such decent chance of getting the Resident Evil out of Office, we need to join, to unite and give Romney and Ryan a chance. The same chance that America, in their too trusting manner, gave this now failed administration in 2008! As of now, America trusts no one really. A few trust Ron Paul, but since he lost the nomination, and cannot win, (sorry, but them’s the facts) we need to do what we must, MUST DO to make a start at retaking our country from this evil and deadly REGIME who is intent on destroying each and every one of us and our futures, and the futures of our children!!! Romney has had EXPERIENCE IN BUSINESS! And America needs someone who knows how to make MONEY AND HOW TO BALANCE A BUDGET! America needs an American, one who is American by birth, and American by HEART! An American in heart, mind and soul! If Americans insist on splitting hairs, and disagreeing on everything about this man, we are no better than the Congress who have done nothing except split hairs, and disagree on everything from A to Z! We The People, have got to be better than those who have disappointed us all, and have done everything on earth EXCEPT THE JOBS THEY WERE HIRED TO DO! Romney said it best when he said that “These people work for US!” No truer words were spoken at that Convention. Our economy is at this point, for all of us, the most important of all issues. And this man may well be the one who can help us get a start on the road BACK TO WORK! And back to some form of prosperity! Like him or not, he is all that we have at a CHANCE! Let’s GIVE HIM HIS CHANCE! That would be, that WILL be the only FAIR AND DECENT THING TO DO AFTER THE GIANT, HUGE, GINORMOUS MISTAKE THAT AMERICA MADE IN 2008!!!

  2. Even when the bastard is voted out, the investigation MUST continue into this frauds entire life story,who he really is, where he comes from and all those who has protected this criminal this entire time, MUST be brought to light so we can prevent this from ever happening again! Just like you would with a airliner crash or a space shuttle disaster.

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