Video: Mindblowing Accounts Of Milwaukee Voting Fraud In 2012 Election

When the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board met for its December meeting, it heard countless testimony from election day observers about irregularities they had seen. These two accounts stand out as particularly troubling.

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  1. But each time we ask for proper Voter ID, its us who are disparaged as suppressing the vote & especially the minority vote. There is ramapnt voter fraud in America & its now become dangerous to the survival of the republic. As for minority suppression…. studies now show that in states where Voter ID is the law, minority registration levels have actually "increased", not decreased. We are being fed lies, and we have a media machine complicit in furthering the deceptions. In fact, the media in many cases are now the official propaganda arm of leftists!

  2. That election was pure Fraud. Where are our elected officials, and Judges. Enough is enough. Ed

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