Video: Military Brass Required By Obama To Fire On American Citizens?

“Ben Swann: Full Disclosure” conducts a one-on-one interview with Dr. Jim Garrow, who claims the Obama administration is weeding out top military brass who are unwilling to fire upon Americans. Ben talks with Dr. Garrow and asks him viewers’ questions.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    What has been forgotten is the brass can make any command they wish, it's the personnel that decide if they will fire upon citizens or not.

  2. i call for a coup to remove this m-fkr from office NOW !!!!!!! how the hell can any republican not be drawing up impeachment and prison papers to execute this muslim prick right now !!!!!!! .. fire on americans !!!! that my friends is WAR !!!!!! billions of rounds of ammo for d.h.s. when it starts i will start in wash d.c. cut the head off the snake.. fckng politicians

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    pres Ojigaboo is thinning the military brass so he can have his yes men in there.When the people finally see through this bozo hewill need somebody to protect his black ass besides Calypso Louie and the panthers.

  4. Hopefully those who are weeded out will join ranks with the American people to remove all those traitors who are killing America and its people.

  5. This well know source should come forward and tell the American people what Obama is doing.

  6. Singanewsong says:

    Two of my son's friends, one in the Army and the other in the Marines, say that they know for sure, the top military brass are indeed being weeded out. They talk about it frequently.

  7. Peaver Bogart says:

    I personally, don't think that the majority of our troops will follow that order. I made a career of the military and was in combat two years in southeast Asia back in the 60's. I know if given that order, I would not follow it. Now if the order was given to fire on some of the top ranking politicians, that might be a different story. lol

    • Robert Evans says:

      I wonder how many Czarist soldiers had sworn loyalty to the Czar and then backed Trotsky. Or, as I recall, the German Army has sworn allegiance to the German Republic before they swore personal allegiance to Adolph Hitler.

      I have heard that if the top four layers of the chain of command back a revolution, everyone else will fall in line or die.

      Beware of wishful thinking.

  8. I'll give you evidence just ask yourself why Homeland Security is hoarding all that recent Ammo?
    One correction, WE ARE NOT OBAMA’S PEOPLE!!!!

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