Video: Michelle Obama Will Run for the Senate in 2016, Pundit Predicts

Are you ready for Hillary, version 2.0? One veteran D.C. pundit believes you should be. John McLaughlin, the moderator of his eponymous PBS program The McLaughlin Group, capped off a round of commentators’ predictions with his own stunner: “Michelle Obama will run for the United States Senate in 2016 and she will be thereby mimicking, if that’s not the right word, duplicating the career of Hillary Clinton.”

McLaughlin is a well-connected pundit whose insights are as often based on inside information as whimsy or surmise. Has he heard something from someone in the know? Michelle has kept a much higher profile as first lady than her predecessor, Laura Bush. She and Valerie Jarrett continue to force the fledgling administration leftward, drowning and eventually pushing out compromisers like Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley while emphasizing Chicago community organizer values. Most recently, she has wrapped herself in the sheltering cocoon of preferred victim status, claiming that her critics have falsely portrayed her as an “angry black woman.”

Hillary rode her status as an enabler of a serial philanderer and potential rapist into a Senate seat and came within whistling distance of becoming her party’s nominee for president of the United States in 2008. Are the Obamas planning a political dynasty? Does Mrs. Obama plan to run from, say, Carol Moseley Braun’s Senate seat to the Oval Office?

Americans have proven their affinity for political families, from the Adameses to the Harrisons, the Roosevelts to the Kennedeys, the Bushes to the Clintons. On a lighter note, the film The Distinguished Gentleman showed the value of having a familiar name.

The presidential election of 2008 may be about far more than who controls America until January 2013.

– Ben Johnson, The White House Watch.

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  1. Not another Obama, Lord have mercy on us !!!!

  2. she can just pick up voting present like the waste in the white house…..

  3. God help us, now Washington is offering up jobs for the invited tourists. Her hatred of the USA is felt from the White House so we surely don't need her in where they make laws.
    God help us, is the end really that close ???

    • Celticwaryor says:

      In a word, yes! I attended a program last week wherein the commentator pointed out all the things that have happened, or are happening right now, that if there is some sort of peace agreement reached in the middle east by the end of 2012, that will be the beginning of the 7 years leading up to the Battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    • You can bet your sweet ass it is!!!……..

  4. Phyllis Murphy says:

    Power hungry woman. No experience, no love of America. What would be her purpose to serve in Congress?

  5. This Boon should be in jail with her husband

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm in total in agreement with you

    • BUCK AFFUFFALO says:

      are you calling the first lady a BABOON? You racist pig! Shame on you.

      • VirgoVince says:

        That cow ain't the 1st lady, cos she ain't NO lady and her ugly husband ain't NO president! She's only first at being the ugliest and lowest class in the history of the country!!
        Where the hell have you been for the last 3 yrs??
        You MUST mean that sarcastically, right??

        Love the name tho, you're on the wrong side is all!! Have you ever met Jircle Cerk??

  6. Does that mean she won't be QUEEN to King O'Bummer after the New World Order is implemented?

  7. I don't think felons are allowed to run for the Senate. After Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse come out with their report on Obama the fraud. And, let's not forget that honorable man in Georgia, Judge Malihi. Finally, a judge that gives 'standing' so Obama will have to appear in court on Jan. 26 to prove he's eligible to be on the 2012 ballot. BTW, if it we're proved that Obama is not eligible to be on the ballot, that means he's currently not eligible to be our POTUS. Hmmm, just a thought.

  8. marcel duranleau says:

    DID LOOSE THEIR LAWYER LICENSES? Obama wife is Michelle or transgender Michael.
    I saw her with man private part. Look at her back.

  9. she will be behind bars by then,along with the rest of the commies in D.C.

  10. I didnt think jailed criminals could run for the senate?

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    Just what the American people need is a crook in in our Government.This angry black woman from what I'm reading is lying about her law degree,she doesn't have one.Then again we're talking about illinois were dead people have a right to vote.If America was what it used to be she would be going to the pen to visit her husband or better yet she would be there for stealing that money she took when she supposedly worked for the hospital.

  12. Pamela Harper says:

    One contest I'm sure that Moochel would win is the biggest back-side on a woman that tries to tell everyone else what they should or shouldn't eat! She would also win the contest for the most disrespectful first lady we've ever had. The term "Lady" is used loosely, referring to her!

    • VirgoVince says:

      Can't be a 'lady' when she has NO class and her husband ain't president, except in his own mind!!
      A 'First Lady' should have some class but moochelle is first in other ways and ALL of them, negative!!

    • call her steriod sally. i guess ob stayed on more than 8sconds without a rope

  13. Billy Cooper says:

    Folks I just think that Michelle Obama running for the Senate is the "Grandest " Thing since sliced bread.
    And it will be in her home state of Illinois, and I presume it will be launched in Chicago. Well I just happen to believe, the people in Chicago deserve to have her run for the Senate. You know they have all those other crooks, and convisted felons in politics in Chigago. But I BET THEY CAN ALWAYS USE JUST ONE MORE. Obama got that nice jail built back there in Chicago, So all of them will have a nice place to stay, when we get them all locked up. Way to go Michelle.You arenmt Mad, your just pissed.

  14. How to Start Each Day With a Positive Outlook

    1. Open a new file in your computer.

    2. Name it "Barack Obama."

    3. Send it to the trash.

    4. Empty the trash.

    5. Your PC will ask you, "Do you really want to get rid
    of "Barack Obama?"

    6. Firmly Click "Yes."

    7. Feel better?

    PS: Tomorrow we'll do Michelle Obama…

  15. She was probably told to get out and get a job!

  16. VirgoVince says:

    GOD forbid, we should have to look at either one of them after Jan, 2013!! Won't they be in Kenya??
    Cruel and undeserved punishment!!

  17. After what these two are going to do to this country? I'll be surprised if either one of them are alive in 2016, that is not a threat. I'm just saying when you steal peoples money and destroy their lives, you better be looking for another country to live in, cause in America, we're only going to be pushed so far.

    • That's what i used to think,too Gina. America has taken the Biblical term "Turn the other cheek" to a WHOLE NEW level!

  18. The woman that has spent millions of taxpayer money on vacations? Now who in their god given right mind would EVER vote for this woman??

    • The same knuckle dragging,mouth breathing,brain dead dumbasses who help put curious george in the f!@#$%g first time!

  19. Well, here's a "novel idea" – -with the passage of Senate Bill 1698 (Revocation of American Citizenship), I say let's "revoke the citizenship" of the first b—h, her impostor spouse, prince harry (senate "leader"), joe liberman (who introduced the bill) and all the rest of the "traitors" in DC! That shouid, thoroughly, "clean OUR house" and we can start "fresh and clean"! The "liberal/progressive/dimwitcraps" introduced and approved the bill, so let's use it ON THEM! Oh, and that would mean the "first b—h" would NOT be able to run for a senate seat in 2016!

  20. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I doubt the cow will run for any office. I watched an interview with her and she said she is in no way interested in holding office.
    At least she has SOME intelligence…

  21. No, she won't. She doesn't have one little ounce of experience. Her hatred of America would get her kicked out. Hilary had a whole lifetime of political experience. The big black sacred cow should go to Kenya.

  22. As of now she is not a very persuasive person. She creates this program about obesity, and all of the women who have been appointed by Obama to various important posts, like the Supreme Court are all nice and plump women,. Same with

  23. Clark Franklin says:

    Are you completely daft? There is no proof to your banter. You are a racist at your core and it is clear that is your primary motivation. I also must say that your readers responses to the rhetoric is educationally limited. Why are your fans so concerned with this president? The last one (Shrub Bush) created the problems that Obama is faced with. Who actually "stole" your money Gina (post from yesterday)? Most likely some ceo fleecing you to line his own pocket. Do you think Mitt doesn't have a few pensions and post employment medical benefit moneys in his off shore accounts protected from taxation? Grow up and turn off FOX news. You people just yell and say the country is breaking down. Get off your "white is right" racist humps and help your neighbor. Help them if they are black or brown. Asian or middle eastern. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Mormon, whatever they may be. This country was founded on accepting the differences of the people who choose to live in the blessings of a free society. Your right winged political swing is actually limiting your freedoms because your choices have been forced upon you by the people who control your money. BIG FARM. MED INS. FUEL/ PETROLEUM COMPANIES. Did you know that the Iranians are threatening to close the straight of ???? to cut off the access to the bulk of middle eastern oil? The oil producers have announced that this will push fuel prices even higher. My company has spent in excess of $12,000 on fuel for our one delivery truck and our one forklift in the span of a year. Good thing we are producing a surplus (read as: more than our country can consume at the current rate of production and consumption) of crude oil. Do you think that there may be a connection to the higher mileage cars we now drive that is causing the increase in fuel costs to balance profits for the oil producers? The largest oil field since the north slope is being drilled as I speak to allow even more domestic crude to be sold……OVERSEAS. It is cheaper to produce diesel which is used more than gasoline in most of the developed world. More profitable to produce diesel than to send the savings to the Americans who are struggling to put food on the table and gas in the HUMMER. Big business rules our lives from the 1% position. Think about it boys and girls. They have you by the shorties and you applaud them for their patriotism. Laughable. The only thing our president has done that was not in the interest of the country is to be a smoker of cigarettes.

    • VirgoVince says:

      WHOA, alien, which planet discharged their garbage in our solar system and how did you survive that long flight from the other side?? Are you related to obozo, he's an alien from the other side, too, you know??

    • Captain America says:

      First the man in the white house is not my president, we don't know if he was a product of voter fraud. His wife appears to be a man:
      He fights wars with the approval of congress, that is called a war monger.
      After allowing foreign BP to polute our coasts he has shut down domestic drilling, and he is contolled by the largest capitalist slaver in the world Soros the ww11 Jew killer helper, who is an oil magnet that contolls a lot of stock in the Brazil oil company that BO sent billions to.
      You need to wake up and quite being a left wing radical fascist.

    • Captain America says:

      That is he fights wars without the approval of congress. Needless wars, that raise taxes and the prisce of fuel.

      RACE CARD!

      Get over it already, those are so warn out they've lost all value of purpose.

      As difficult as it me be for you, an attempt to get a grip on reality may help your delusional self.

    • I will THROW UP IF THAT WITCH EVER GETS INTO THE SENATE, actually I would like to throw up on
      her, GOD HELP US IF SHE IS ELECTED, tell her to go back to Kenya with her old man obummer

    • your a racist, pig, you must be a dumcrat/liberal…..
      you need to follow the program…….its not the right wing, only the left jerks. this so-called presdient is trash not a leader, he screwed up our country deliberately. we are grown up thats why we are on to this bum….we will listen to FOX NEWS , NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS GO BACK TO KENYA WHERE YOU BELONG,MORON

    • Wow. You have a company…on what planet? Your lack of info is astounding.

    • You said, "This country was founded on accepting the differences of the people who choose to live in the blessings of a free society." Then WHY THE HELL are those who come here want to change it to what they had come from! For instance SHARIA LAW. Enough said. You are a complete fool.

    • Clark Franklin:
      You are talking about your wishful thinking about your HERO OHHHH MY OBAHHHHHHMMAAA., WE are talking about the Kenyan queen who has NO CROWN. You are talking nonsense and out of the subject….You are showing your love of the OHHHBAHHHHMAA., you must be one of those who received the bailouts, or maybe you are one of the recipients of the FREE LOADING program that the DEMONSCRATS had installed many decades ago, the WELFARE… We the conservatives do not like your way of thinking…It is sooo laughable..hehehehhe..YOU ARE HYPOCRITE AND LIAR LIKE YOUR MASTER…

  24. Captain America says:

    You mean Michael as BO calls his husband, look at the proof:

  25. she will be charged with treason before that and join him at Gitmo-she will have her hands full trying to keep the urine showers off of BORAX

  26. Couple of years ago jimmy carter stated now we need a gay president to be elected. Now I know why that was shut up we got the whole package with these two.

  27. Anonymous says:

    She won't get my vote! That's for sure!

  28. Bippy Bellito says:

    The Angry Black Woman act will not play well that far into the future. From what I hear, she now wants blacks called "Urban Americans". Give me a break! She, and her husband, need to find solace in the private sector.

  29. Myrtlelinder says:

    He is a disgrace to the black race in America.

  30. I didn't think they let felons run for office, MY BAD, MOOOOOOOOCHELE threw the race card and only had to surrender her license to practice law for knowing and going along with the Illegal Whitehouse Boon, saying he was a U.S. citizen and lied on government documents.

  31. Preston Jemmott says:

    Well I guess that will be if elected the second time in her adult life that she will say she is proud to be an American,

  32. Someone has to carry on the legacy of voting present and doing nothing…….

  33. where in kenya or africa im buying a shit load of depends im laughing so hard i cant stop peeing in my pants. dummey see dummey do. maybe taco bell cleaning toilets

  34. AmericansRon2U says:

    Hopefully, Michelle Antoinette and her illegitimate POTUS husband will be in GITMO long before 2016. Don't think she'll be up to running for anything…. except maybe the exit door of the prison.

  35. HOPE THE GORILLA DIES BEFORE 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MABY SHE WILL EAT TO MANY BANANAS BETWEEN NOW AND THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Maybe I will be dead by then.

  37. VirgoVince says:

    C'MON Floyd, get with the program, what's the problem with getting comments posted immediately and knock off the hours on end, waiting for them to appear????
    This is so 'libturd,' it should never happen here!!!! I get replies to my comments that don't even appear in the thread, yet! What's the problem??

  38. I "predict" the "obama-soetoro witch" won't have the opportunity to run for a senate seat in 2016; by then she will have been executed along with the rest of the nazi-muslim traitors, who currently inhabit OUR White House!

  39. does michelle odumbo have a fake s.s.# also. odumbos is 042-68-4425 check it out.

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