Video: Michelle Obama: Undecided Voters ‘Confused,’ ‘Knuckleheads’

Can’t say I’m that surprised. Like all other liberals, she thinks she knows better than a lot of people on a lot of things.

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  1. All of the knuckleheads and uniformed are already voting. That's how we got her husband to begin with.

  2. Michelle Obama is nothing but a KNUCKLE DRAGGING RACIST, and type in Michael LaVaughn Robinson transsexual, Its amazing they're both the same

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    For once this bimbo finally told the truth. We DO have to get out and let these "knuckleheads" and "confused" oblameo supporters KNOW it's ok to say they were wrong. To help them UNDERSTAND how BAD for America this usurper is for America.
    We have to make sure we stay on track and turn it back to the present record.
    Make sure you strike up a conversation while waiting in line or in a reception area. Let others know we've had NO budget for almost 4 years! He's strangling our small businesses. (this is where jobs come from)
    He's giving us the HIGHEST tax hike in the HISTORY of America with obamacare. He has DESTROYED our health care system!
    Let these KNUCKLEHEADS know!

  4. BillyJean says:

    The only knucklehead there is is her, she married this Incompetent dumb man, who thinks he is above the law.

  5. Boy is she confused….. But of course their agenda is to destroy this country as we know it and they do not like being sidetracked…….

  6. I wonder if odumbo is going to enlist the dead people Botox Face talks to to vote for him. Let's watch the voter registration files.

  7. RobertDavidHummel says:

    "There they go again",…Another INSIDIOUS and IMBECILI rant towards Division and Lies……"TO DIVIDE, BLAME, and attempt to SHAME"….We The People.
    Lord', Bless her little heart and SHAKE the STUPID out of her….before she trips on her lip as her hubby does so very often.

  8. For the best time in my life I will be most proud to be an American when Obozo and his dumbell knuckleheaded wife are removed from office

  9. Talk about good times when Bonnie & Clyde are dragged out from
    our White House – this will be bigger than when Miami was getting
    ready to celebrate Fidel’s anticipated death a few years ago. An even
    bigger cause to celebrate is when we see obummer & moochelle in
    their orange jumpsuits in federal prison – Oh Happy Day!!
    Oh, he has plans to call for Martial Law? Let him, and watch what

  10. VirgoVince says:

    Where's the confusion?? Vote for the handsome Americans, NOT the ugly, illegal aliens!!
    If you can't figure that out, you ARE too stupid to vote!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      That's the trouble most Americans are to stupid and are looking for free entitlements.Nobody sees who the hell is going to pay for these programs.Obutthole wants his wife to get paid for work .I guess swinging from branch to branch constitutes work and all those vacations the Grape Ape and the 13yr.old niglet took on tax payers dime don't count.

  11. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only confusing thing is why anyone would vote for a socialist marxist commie to bring down America That is the big question.

  12. Yeah, I just bet you and gayboy are figuring out what the next tax plan is gonna be, huh Queen Moos?

  13. She is a Free Loading heifer that is no different than her Free Laoding Fascist kenyan Fraud squid.

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