Video: Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane Is My Role Model

During an interview with People Magazine, Obama listed “Hanoi Jane” as one of the people she would like to look and live like when she’s “70 or 80″ years old.

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  1. Send her to hell with her monkey Kenyan

  2. Linda From NY says:

    What do you expect from this ugly woman moochella, she is a commie supporter and has never been proud to be an American

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Remember until she had plastic surgery she use to be Cheetah in Tarzan movies.All she is is a big fat ass who tinks she is hot s–t.

  3. RED (as in Communist) birds of feather stick together.

    Vietnam Veteran

    • Linda From NY says:

      To RacerJim,
      Thank you for serving our Country and glad to see you made back home, and you are right how these commies stick together. I was a kid when Hanoi Jane went to Vietnam Nam and did not understand at the time, but now that I am much older I see her as a traitor too.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Between her and her half breed husband all their heroes have been American terrorists Bill Ayers.Hanoi Jane, Castro,Wright and the list goes on.So for the Grape Ape to praise Hanoi Jane should not come as any surprize.

  5. She be the spawn of sasquatch and satan, no?

  6. I can't stand obummer! I can't stand the crossdressing man he's "married" to. I'm so sick of them both!!! I wish they would both just go away and we would NEVER hear, see, know about these two ever again.

  7. It figures that Mrs. Obama has Jane Fonda as her role model. They both hate the home country they were born in.

  8. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I would have expected nothing else. They both have cost American Military lives, both have American blood on their hands. Both are traitors. Both are anti-American.
    Why is this shocking? They are twins. Sisters by other mothers.

  9. Larry Hacker says:

    What spreads faster than radiation? Jane Fonda's legs. HaHaHa. Now the first puto is wanting to emulate this porker.

  10. Nobody really like the obamas and they know it so they try so hard to be like someone else how shameful and to think there's people out there that like the two idiots liars liars liars liars I will never trust them two or the democrats

  11. I have nothing to do with them two

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