Video: Michael Savage: Why All The Mystery Surrounding Barack Obama?

Michael Savage schools an ignorant caller on why it is important that we know more about Obama’s earlier life (grades, thesis, etc.)

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  1. Captain America says:

    The real mystery is why do only men show up as his past sexuaI relationships for the man in the white house, NO WOMEN IN HIS PAST, only Larry Sinclare who has sex with B0 in a limozine, and passed a lie detector test. It is also alleged that he had sex with Donald Young just before his murder, and then there is reved up Jeremiah Wright who had a hot steamy relation with B0 (according to Rev. James Manning on youtube), etc…

  2. million tears says:

    Another fine example of how we arrived at the sad lamentable place where we find ourselves. I am sad for my country and I for one will laugh in the face of these fools when at last they understand that they sold their birth right for whatever kind if vile soup the statists have cooked up for them.

  3. The cover up must be huge…This man has no credentials to offer and what he has is in legal restraint, he has never complied with the vetting process and produce no BC. This man sits behind the desk in Our Oval Office, he can delve into your privacy or jail you and never ask a soul but you are not allowed to see or know any details about this man and what he reveals is simply face value.
    The idiots on left put him in office but the morons on the right side of the aisle allowed him to take office and have forefited their right to represent their constituents for acting as cowards in this matter….Re-Pare this Government.

  4. You sure get some idiots on.I have come to this conclusion,Any one that votes for Obama is either 1) AMARXIST, SOCIALIST or HOMOSEXUAL 2)Just can't read, Obama loves Stupid People And there sure are a lot of them out there , and if there weren't so many he wouldn't have gotten in the first time.__I'm for getting rid of obama,I don't care how ,just when. In research i found 3 of his lovers were Murdered, SOOOOOO If he can do that without repercussions ,WHY can't we dispose of him in the same fashion that Donald Young was murdered.He was the Choir director at Rev.Wright's Church_Look it up his Mother said Obama and her son were Lovers.WHY isn't this being brought to the forefront?????????????????????_PUT me on the front row with Larry Sinclair And I

  5. Obama has transformed the government into Evil Inc with his useless regime! He must be removed immediately, with all of his fraudulent non-existent records which he refuses to disclose. Michael Savage is 100% correct, his records should be subpoenaed without DELAY at least before he is able to proceed with his DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA. Congress must take IMMEDIATE ACTION and stop dragging their feet before they get replaced by impeachment.

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