Video: Michael Savage – Voter Fraud Is A Serious Threat To This Election!

Mr. Savage weighs in on the 2012 election and voter fraud.

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  1. Yes…we have to be vigilant & repot ANYTHING odd! It's gonna be bad in places…so keep an eye open!

  2. I had heard about SCYTL too some time back… says this information is not true, that W.V. tried this online voting counter and it was full of holes and it surely won't be up to speed for some time to come. Google SCYTL and lo and behold, W.V. in an item dated September 5 at this link… is going to be using the system for military voting. The Democrat Secretary of State Natalie Tennant said so. It seems that's information is not true.

    • From the article and I quote:
      "In addition to West Virginia, other U.S. jurisdictions using Scytl’s technology for the November 2012 elections include the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi and New York and Dallas County, Texas. "

      • Hey look at this from the September 5 article:

        "The State of West Virginia used Scytl’s technology to provide online voting options to military and overseas voters during the state’s Primary, Special and General Elections in 2010 under a pilot program created by West Virginia legislation. During this pilot, Scytl’s technology was used in West Virginia’s Jackson, Kanawha, Marshall, Mason, Monongalia, Monroe, Putnam and Wood Counties. "

        -BUT- says this:

        "West Virginia officials ran a pilot program in 2010 that allowed military and overseas voters to return their ballots online, said Jim Glance, spokesman for the West Virginia Secretary of State's office. The program won't continue in 2012, however, because legislators failed to renew the program." And it goes on..I had to type this whole paragraph out because snopes evidently won't let you copy its copy. So can anyone explain what the "bleep" is going on here? Has Snopes become the dumping place of liberal reality?

        • I've thought that about Snopes for a long time–in the tank for Obama

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            Your right Nancy everybody says we checked this on Snopes and Snopes is a liberal organization in the tank for Obutthole.

        • It is very sad I can't even tell now if we can still trust the Federal government. It seems we have countless of Judas Iscariots who only care about themselves. Look at Gore, for $100,000,000.00 he sold the TV Network to Al Jaseera, the one used by Osama Bin Ladin to carry out sobotage job for USA. Obama mandates contraception to Americans so Muslims can multiply 10 times more than Americans then get an upper hand to conquer and dominate USA. Muslim Brotherhood and other groups who hate America are allies of Obama. Corrupt politicians are ready to sell their country and people for personal gain. If war begins and they die will they go to Heaven?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mike is right where are the republicans on having a spanish company count votes.America should count their own votes screw the foreigners.We cry about out sourceing job overseas and were letting a Soros company count the ballots.Write your senators and congress person and tell them we're American and we know how to count.

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