Video: Michael Savage On Bill Eliminating Term Limit For Comrade Obama!

Mr. Savage also explains why there is no difference between the two political parties…

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  1. It's the return of the monarchy in the US. Actually it is more than monarchy. This first family of the US eats up $1.5 Billion a year in taxpayer dollars. The Queen of England (£200m per yr.) doesn't even come close to that 1.5 billion dollar figure.
    I think Obama believes he is the Mahdi, Islam's version of the Messiah.

  2. Dave Wollenberg says:

    Well, young folks, you wanted Obama. You've only yourselves to blame, for the decline of America.

  3. This is not good, I can not stand another 4 years of this muslim dictator and I have a bad feeling that when his 4 more years are up, he won't leave.

  4. S Rubicon says:

    No way! If we could not have Reagan for as long as we wanted, why should we have Obama for as long as the left wants? If we need to do anything,its esablish term limits for the Senate& the House, plus pass legislation that stipulates NO agency can impose regulations that have not been approved by the House andSenate prior to implementation, plus any new regulation is requiredto show its basis in Constitutionality!
    Nomore than two four year terms. Andwe also must "require" that each individual American has the legal standing & right, yesright, to demand any candidate for the office of President prove before nomination they are a natural born citizens, ie: the product of a citizen Mother AND a citizen father. All candidatesmust be vetted by Congress & a written report to the people issued prior tonomination of anyone!

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