Video: Merry Christmas! Gas Prices Hit an All-Time Holiday High

Everyone likes to come “Home for the Holidays,” but if you’re driving this year, you’ll pay more than ever.

Rob Bluey at the Heritage Foundation, one of the smartest journalists in the game, looked at AAA’s gasoline prices. The average cost of a gallon of gasoline is $3.21 — 23 cents higher than last Christmas, which was itself a record.

By New Year’s, the average family will have spent $4,155 on gasoline in 2012 CNBC reports for a median family, that represents 8.4 percent of their annual income, the highest level since 1981.

Congressman Darrell Issa and others make a strong case some of the price hike is the deliberate policy of Obama’s extremist environmentalist advisers. It is indisputable that Obama barred oil drilling off the Gulf Coast (probably illegally), has waged a war against coal-powered plants, and subsidized bankrupt Green energy firms supported by campaign contributors. Without Obama’s policies, the United States would be an energy superpower.

Instead, there are fewer presents under the family tree this year, because the cost of living continues to climb ever higher.

We should complain, but Obama is on a $4 million Hawaiian vacation at the moment.

— from Ben Johnson at The White House Watch.

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  1. schnitzelschitzen says:

    It is not our environmentalists that are stopping us from becoming energy independent, but our big oil bought and paid for politicians who use these organizations as their excuse to vote against drilling and exploring here in America. Because of these corrupt politicians, they are not only keeping us dependent on foreign nations who hate us and would destroy us if they could, they are helping the oil company's hold their prices at this high level even when there is more oil available right now being moved from port to port to hide the excess. There is really no reason on earth that gas prices should top $1.50 per gallon and we need to replace our career politicians from our White House down to our local school board and clean out this corrupt den of thieves once and for all!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      But it IS the environmentalists that are stopping the exploration of natural resources. They pay big money to the politicians who then create restrictions the environmentalists want.
      Take the Keystone XL pipeline. This is a shovel ready project. This project will increase incomes. It will create thousands of jobs and reduce our dependence on overseas oil, but BECAUSE of the EPA, it is on hold.
      What we need is politicians who are not swayed by payments from special interest groups. We need a government that will invest in Americas natural resources so we can increase our DP and incomes for those who own oil rights.
      It's not only the "big oil" companies that own oil rights. There are also the land owners who depend on the income from the oil rigs on their properties. The little owners are the ones that are hurt by the EPA's restrictions.

      I do agree. We need to clean out all the career thiefs, from the White House on down.

      • schnitzelschitzen says:

        Very well said. Because certain politicians are owned by big oil, they do use the EPA and environmentalists as a shield in order to allow their big oil people to control world wide oil prices. It is a step in the right direction to develope oil here in America and Canada rather than enrich our enemy's, yet it is a sad fact that along with big money corporations comes corruption in our political establishment. It our responsibility as citizens to be vigilent over our elective system and work to insure a more honest government.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Unfortunately, we are past the point of being vigilant. With the type of government officials in office, it's now a time for action. We need a drastic change, and we need it now if we are to survive as a country.

          If we are forced, we MUST take up arms and challenge those attempting to oppress us before the choice is removed. If we don't, wouldn't we be as guilty as those we allowed to destroy us?

          • schnitzelschitzen says:

            As citizens of a free and sovereign Nation it is important for us to be very selective and diligent in our selection of representation primarily to avoid the necessity of a revolution, but when we fail in our duties in this selection and when we become complacent in our responsibilities as citizens, history clearly shows us that we will pay a high price in order to regain those precious freedoms.

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