Video: Meet The “John Galt” Of Obama’s Secret World

Like many conservatives, I saw the anti-Obama film, Atlas Shrugged over the weekend, which is virulently anti-Obama but without mentioning his name.

There is the constant “fair share” meme of the government. The incestuous relationship between big government and big business that gives birth to deformed and useless children (à la Solyndra). The “99%” protesters that constantly covet others’ success. And probably the item that hit moviegoers most directly was the skyrocketing gas prices due to the government’s war on fossil fuel.

But perhaps a less-known connection of the film to everyday life is the character, the man of mystery John Galt, to an equally mysterious man, Kevin O’Reilly. O’Reilly was the former White House National Security Director for North America who disappeared after he was connected to Fast and Furious. “Who is John Galt?” was on everyone’s lips throughout the film; but for those of us who closely follow the Fast and Furious debacle, the question is “Who is Kevin O’Reilly?”

The world knows all about former ATF agent in charge of the Phoenix office, Bill Newell, who shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and was responsible for arming those who murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. In July of 2011, Newell appeared before the House Oversight Committee, and O’Reilly’s name came up for the first time. Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Newell had sent several emails to O’Reilly describing Fast and Furious in detail. This is significant because O’Reilly was literally steps away from the Oval Office and directly connected Barack Obama to Fast and Furious. Obviously the Oversight Committee wanted O’Reilly to appear before Congress to discuss the White House’s connection to Fast and Furious.

This would never happen.

Three days after these emails were made public, Kevin O’Reilly boarded a plane bound for Baghdad, supposedly to take a State Department job that had already been filled by someone else. Then he was nowhere to be found in Iraq—in fact, he seemed to fall off the edge of the earth. As of last week, he apparently is back in the States with an obscure position in the State Department but has shunned contact with the media or Congressional investigators.

Want to know about Kevin O’Reilly? You will find little if anything about him. I spent literally hours searching for merely a photograph of the man.Think about it: This man was in charge of keeping safe an entire continent—he was the White House National Security Director for North America, and yet there’s no information about him?

Odd. Very odd. The question on everyone’s lips nowadays is “Who is Kevin O’Reilly?”

America wants to know.

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