Video: Media Characterizes Military Invasion Of South Florida As “Cool Tourist Story”

A joint drill between military and police in South Florida involving troops storming a building in the middle of the night was characterized by local media coverage not as a frightening example of how Americans are being acclimatized to accept a state of martial law but as a ‘cool tourist story’.

Panic-stricken residents in Coconut Grove were awoken at 1am to the sound of simulated gunfire and explosions as military helicopters hovered over buildings and dispatched troops to the ground.

Read More at By Paul Joseph Watson.

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  1. What is really scary is the ubcoming exercises of the russian special forces 'spetznaz' coming to the US for training – 100,000 of them.

    • This was training to show how Obama is going to come into our homes and take our guns and put us in femma camps nothing more and nothing less. The same goes for the russian US training.

  2. Will the military actually fire on American citizens? That is the question and the answer will determine the future of America.

    • Betsy K. Larsen says:

      To answer your question of “will military actually fire on Americans?” I beleive they will, or some will. Maybe though, they are as disallusioned as we are, for this wanna be King has totally screwed them too. So maybe they will remember that come the time to fire on their fellow Americans, maybe they have families that will be in their minds, wondering if another branch or bunch of military are firing on THEIR families. These men and women do have families, and this peice of mu SLIME enemy in the White House has really not been on “their side” either. Some of them may have spent time in Iraq, or Afganistan, and know what it feels like to be shot at, bombed, and terrorized. It remains to be seen though, so we who are the “targets” of this evil peice of camel dung need to be prepared for the worst, and always pray and hope for the best, pray that it never happens. Pray with all our might that someone can “change” the “color” of the somewhat discolored White House back into the REAL WHITE HOUSE AGAIN, someone with a heart that is not blacker than SIN ITSELF! This evil thing who now infects our nation has a blacker heart than any other part of his useless, evil, wicked, slimey, mu SLIME BODY! If as a nation formed on our Constitution, and with the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers can be saved, it will be up to We, The People to do so. So if we have to fight, then we will have to give it everything we have, including prayer! Deep, heartfelt, humble prayers! God is our only real HOPE now.

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