Video: McCain Might Run Again in 2016!

At that time, McCain will be eighty years old; if he runs again, he will be sadly disappointed…

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  1. Oh, please!!! The only way McCain could be elected again is if he played dirty (which he already has). His constituents won't vote for him again

  2. I'm a REPUBLICAN and there is no chance I'd vote for him!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Why would any citizen of Arizona want to vote for Senor Johnnie McCain the songbird of the Hanoi Hilton.John wants more illegals into not only Arizona but the rest of the US so democraps can get more votes.Mc Cain and that fat ass daughter should ride into the sunset along with his trophy wife and gook step kid as the leave for Mexico.It is time for the people of Arizona to vote in a real conservative.

  4. Imagine McCain running for president and on the other side is Hillary, Yuk, the two most disgusting people there got to be better choices then these two.

  5. GOD FOR BID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mlmillsap52 says:

    A guarenteed win for the progs either way. Because there is an R after his name, the koolaid drinking, obama phone, "hope and change" sycophants in the general populice, "acedeme", media, and "graveyards" everywhere will of course vote the "Demorat". hillary, christie ( lower case intenional)( i know, he has an "r" after his name, but it is a small and limp one). But….back to the subject….I think mccain has done enough damage, from "Forrestal to Senate". Go home John, go home…….

  7. Well McCain got Obama elected by running guess if he is the presidential choice Hillary will be elected.

  8. sure McCain run as a democrat as Hillary' s VP

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