Video: McCain Dismisses Obama Impeachment Question

Senator John McCain dismisses a question about the impeachment of President Obama and makes light of the questioner. He asserts that the recent popular election overrides any Constitutional issues or criminal actions by Obama. Following McCain’s logic, an anti-American dictator can be elected, who commits criminal acts, and Congress can do absolutely nothing about it.

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  1. I would like to suggest that everyone email McCain and tell him he needs to support the impeachment of O (goggle up his email address)

    • neleh – I've said this so many times. Emails, petitions, faxes, calling, US Mail, and etc does NOTHING!!! The politicians are not afraid of us…. There's only one thing that will work… bullets. And that day is coming which the government is trying to prevent by attempting to disarm us and disarm the vets.

  2. you respect the traitor, i want to see him impeached

    • Impeachment won't necessarily get him out of the White House (remember Clinton?). He needs to be arrested and tried for treason. And as far as I'm concerned, McCain can go jump off a cliff for his stand-up "comedy" routine.

      • I certainly hate to hear talk about civil war in American, but at the same time we demand to have our Constitutional and our Civil rights upheld. McCain is a total idiot and it would be a shame if he is not voted out of office this next election! His attitude towards the woman questioning him was downright disrespectful!! He is a disgrace to American politics! Remember that Obama never would have been elected if it had not been for the people behind the scenes, members of Congress, Corporate America, mainstream media, and the wealthy elite. The fact that Congress has not already impeached him is evidence of this fact. Not to mention the fact that the Supreme Court has not done its job either!

        • This small handful of individuals are determined to get the one world government they and the media have been talking about so much in recent years. They intend to make it happen whether or not they have the consent of the people! The real question here is whether or not our own military will support their efforts and turn against their own people? And whether or not the so called civil service they are attempting to bring into existence along with our local police forces will support them and also turn against their own people? Are they going to make the right moral and Constitutional choices or are they going to be like the politicians? Their futures and their family and friends futures are at stake here.

          • You do realize that right now Obama is going through a purge of the Military Higher Ranks…he is asking anyone that is Colonel or Above if they will fire upon American Citizens if he orders it. If they say they will refuse, then they are forced to Retire or Leave the Military. Luckily, Obama doesn't understand that the Enlisted Ranks E-5 through E-9 are the ones that are the backbone of the Military and it is these ranks that are telling the Junior Enlisted "If you fire on an American Citizen, I will shoot you myself". It is these very same ranks that can also "Break" a Jet, Helicopter, Tank, and Ship/Boat.

  3. McCain is senile.

  4. Even if our government cannot get the military, the civil and local police to support their agenda, who’s to say that the government would not then instead use the United Nations so called peace keeping forces against us? Our government is not the only force behind this one world order agenda. It would be an outright travesty to see the day our own government used foreign forces against its own people!! They have bankrupted this country and is this, their attempt to save America from total collapse? Obama is not the only one who has defrauded the American people. There are numerous members of Congress who are just as guilty! Why do you think Congress is not impeaching Obama in the first place? Numerous Congressmen and women would be standing trial right alongside Obama!

    • Gee, why do you think the DHS Head Mistress doesn't want the southern border to be beefed up…it couldn't be because there are already some force down south that are waiting to get the "Go Ahead" to come north do you?

  5. Jack the FAC says:

    Why should this surprise anyone? McCain has proven himself repeatedly to be a RINO–a demon-crat in RINO clothing. He is one of the ruling class of the "Alley Oop" Party–the party of the CAVE Men.

  6. they heckled him out of a town meeting….he is such a two face pos….guess if people believe the lies then watch america fall.

  7. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Does McCain think by calling himself a Republican he will get farther? Looks like it has.
    Make sure he isn't reelected next time he's up.

  8. I've said this OVER and OVER, YOU NEED TO GET TO THE SOURCE, SOROS, JARRETT, TRUMPKA, AYRES, PELOSI, REED, KAGAN and the list is so very long. If you DO NOT stop these THUGS, they will just prop up another puppet to continue their agenda!

  9. RacerJim says:

    Last time I checked the U.S. Constitution did not allow an election to override/supercede anything contained therein.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Everyone should know that John McQuack McCain left his balls at the Hanoi Hilton and I appreciate his war record but all he does is talk big and do didley.He's for illegals getting amnesty and he's always in bed with democraps so that he is why he's considered a RINO

  11. Michric says:

    This buffoon is the reason we got BO in the first place……a poor excuse for an American, especially one who has served.

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