Video: Matthews: Democrats Have To Vote For War To “Save The President’s Hide”

Chris Matthews appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday to discuss the “wicked” position Nancy Pelosi is in as she struggles to convince Democrats who are against authorizing President Obama to attack Syria, to vote to do just that to “save the President’s hide.”

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  1. Vote for war to save the presidents hide?? Meaning — who cares how many of our men and women are murdered or maimed just to save O's hide. Matthew should be ashamed of his dumb life and apologize for saying something so stupid and racist.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm still wondering when Matthews takes his finger out of Obumas ass if he smells it first or just starts licking.Chris is just an Obutthole groupie.

  2. Sorry, Chris "Fan Boy" Matthews. Unless Pelosi can some how magically conjure up a super majority in Congress, which the Democrats don't have, that ain't happening. Pelosi has been the thorn in Republican's sides since before Obama was placed as President. I really doubt she could get them to vote for war any more than she can get them to shine her shoes. Why should anybody want to save Obama's hide, anyway?

  3. Bull crap! Let him fall on his face, very hard! Couldn't think of a better person for it to happen to! NO STRIKES ON SYRIA! And NO "BOOTS ON THE GROUND"!! We have had enough! NO WAR IN SYRIA! What part do these idiots in the government not understand? I care as much for Obama as he cares for me!! And I don't give a rats backside about him! No only fall on your face, fall off the empire state building to do it! Grab Pelosi's hand just before you fall and that will solve two of this nations problems! And Syria is not one of them! Palin had it right, Let them fight each other and let "Allah" sort it out! How long till the Impeachment?

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