Video: Massive Crowd Turns Out For Romney Rally In Ohio

Proof that the MSM is lying about the huge support Mitt Romney is receiving in the battleground states like Ohio.

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  1. Love Romney/Ryan <3

  2. siteunseen says:

    Hope this means a win for Romney/Ryan. Pray, Pray, Pray and pray some more!

  3. the lamestream media… hope they eat all they have done to america..everyone should not support em no more. and even if mickey mouse ran, id have him over obama , and his evil empire

  4. Obama is so despicably EVIL, where are all of the people that has MORALS, CHARACTER, LOVE OF GOD, and cares enough about America to STAND UP against him? He is so obvious that he is also a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and probably has NEVER told a WORD OF TRUTH in his entire miserable life. How can a person with a functional brain be so STUPID as to believe anything he says?

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