Video: Massacre Survivor Defends Gun Rights

What’s the best protection against a maniac wielding a gun? According to a massacre survivor, a gun!

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is one brilliant lady who can stand up against the liberal bitch interviewing her.This dumb ass reporter should stick to her dildo and leave what she hers from other liberal so-called news people alone.I would love to see one of these people have someone point a gun at their head ready to pull the trigger and have a bystander who is carrying save their dead asses would they be pissed if they were saved.

  2. Perfect example of a liberal reporter who doesn’t know what they’re taliking about ignoring facts/truths presented to them from someone who does.

  3. US Army (retired) says:

    Our Founding Fathers knew that the real reason for the Second Amendment was to protect the rights secured by the other nine! It has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting or target shooting. It has to do with the defense of our God-given rights! While we won’t convert some of the misguided die-hard leftists, the more we quote this statement, the more we can wake up the sleeping sheeple and bring them to our side.

    The Second Amendment exists to protect the other nine! Learn it, memorize it. Post it.

    In fact, ALL of the first ten amendments exist to put chains on the GOVERNMENT, not on the people!

    That includes the First Amendment and the so-called “establishment clause.” The 1st Amendment says “CONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” It doesn’t say “the people” are to be constrained. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have force of law; Thomas Jefferson’s private letters don’t, so the misapplication of his letter to the Danbury Baptists is not proper grounds for curtailing religion in public life and the teaching of certain fundamental morals, which is what we have abandoned.

    Our Bible tells us that in the last days there will be many false prophets, and there will be much tribulation. Keep your eye on the target. God is still in His heaven and still in charge. Remember the end of the story; we win eventually.

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