Video: Mark Levin: “Obama Is A Serial Liar”

Mark Levin on Fox & Friends discussing Obama’s debate claims, saying his “bayonets and horses” remark was ignorant and that he’s hollowing out the military more than Jimmy Carter.

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  1. If obama's lips are moving, he's lying.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Levin is right Obugme is a serial liar.He can't go a day with telling some bullshit story.If the media would corner him he'd have to tell the truth and then his ears would stop growing.

  3. Of course Obama lies, once a muslim always a muslim. He maybe a psuedo-Christian but what he learned when he was a child was that muslim are permitted to lie to non-muslims. Once he has lied about his eligiblity, lying about anything else is easy when no one calls him out on it.

  4. Obama is indeed a serial liar. In fact, I am at a loss to remember anything he has stated that was true, except the business about transforming America. He wasn't not lying there, except he forgot, or neglected to tell us that the transformation would be to a third world Communist country. He wasn't lying there, he's doing a good job of destroying the country. It didn't start with Obama, see But, give him another four years and HE WILL FINISH IT, you can say "goodbye America".

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