Video: Mark Levin Nukes Obama, The ‘Imperial President’

The talk show host rightfully claims that Obama is riding roughshod over the Constitution…

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  1. The President is NOT king and does NOT have the authority to do what Obama is doing. We the People need to DEMAND that Congress impeach him!

    • Mary- that may not be necessary to impeach him. On Feb.15, 2013- the SJC is finally going discuss his total elligibility to be president (going back to the 1st day he took office). This means if they find him inelligible- EVERYTHING he has done til now will be nol & void! His Obamacare, his SJC appointments, his rules, his regulations, etc. He will be out!

  2. I can't listen to BHO.

  3. Charles17121 says:

    Megyn Kelly may work for Fox News but she is a liberal through and though . Ms Kelly should be asking why a US President needs to hid his school records , birth certificate and other papers of importance . Could it be this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is not legally holding office ?

  4. Obama should be remove from office for the killing of 4 america's in North Africa

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mark Levin is right on what he says about Elephant Ears Obutthole this igger thinks because he was elected through fraudulent voting he can do what ever he wants.Someone has to take him out and teach him a lesson on what it means to be an American and not a Kenyan muslim.

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