Video: Mark Levin: Its ‘Nighttime In America’

Funny video of Mark Levin narrating a fake Obama ad!

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  1. Carl Manning says:

    He's just another Neocon idiot who believes the government's official lie of 911. It would be a cold day in Hell when this Jew admits that 911 was an inside job done by dual Israeli/American citizens in the upper echelons of the US government, the Mossad, and the CIA. Michael Chertoff, who was then the Deputy Attorney General was assigned the job of whitewashing the evidence. He himself was a dual Israeli/American citiizen. His father was a Mossad agent and ultra-tight wing rabbi who no doubt believes in the Halachah in the talmud which sanctions murder of goyim. Another dual citizen was Dov Zakheim. There were MANY, MANY more involved in the crime of 911.

    • Joy Brown says:

      Carl, you and your conspiracy Theroist are as much of a problem as the Communist Usurper in the White House. Let it rest. We seen the planes that destroyed the Twin Towers. Guess you wern't looking.
      People like you are as much of a danger to our Country as Obama is. Maybe you need to seek help for your made up conpiracys. It's this kind of B.S. that led to the Usurper in the White House.

      • Carl Manning says:

        Au Contraire, Joy. It is the uninformed masses who freely allow this government to enslave them and humiliate them with unreasonable search and seizures and eventually confiscation of your guns all in the name of the 911 LIE. LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

      • Carl Manning says:

        One of the "planes" was moving at 550 mph at a height of around 700' above sea level. This is aerodynamically impossible for a 757 to travel that fast at 700' above sea level because the air is simply too dense at this height. Never in the history of MANKIND has a steel building been brought down by fire – NEVER! It is a well-documented fact, and it is simply common sense. Jet fuel burns nowhere near the immense temperatures needed to melt steel columns. Aluminum planes cannot penetrate 2" thick steel columns unless they are travelling at around 2.3 Mach, a speed at which the 757 would completely disintegrate. Even at the clocked 550 mph, at 700' above sea level, it would also implode under the incredible aerodynamic forces. Over 1700 engineers and architects know this was a controlled demolition because the buildings fell in near gravitational freefall. Super nanothermite, a key component of military-grade explosives, was discovered in the remains despite Michael Chertoff's best efforts to get rid of the steel as fast as he could. The MSM is owned by Zionists in the Zionist Criminal Network who were part of this operation just as the CIA today approves everything that goes out on the American airwaves. Face it: 911 was an inside job. Many of the "victims" were completely faked morphed photos.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Crazy Carl you're one sick dude just like Holmes of the Aurora movie theater masacre.To think when I read some of your comments I use to agree with a few.For an ass like you to pick on the jews is ridiculous they're probably one of the few that would stand by the US you definitely must have been talking to Obutthole because he hates them too.

      • Carl Manning says:

        You're one of the legions of uninformed, brainwashed sheeple who have fallen hook. line, and sinker for the government's official lie which played upon your emotions like they all do. Not all Jews are Neocons; many are Liberal whackjobs, but there are some very enlightened ones who have seen beyond the Zionist criminal regime running the State of Israel. I have nothing against Jews, per se. Many Christians follow the criminal regime running the State of Israel just as he does because they are so very ignorant of the truth like yourself. There is overwhelming evidence to support my claims ifg you just get off your lazy bleep and READ for one day in your life.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Carl Carl do you realize there never was a palistine,they were granted land to appease the ragheads and this was suppose to stop these ragheads from bombing the jews and Isreal.Talk about idiots what did you think of Boner and McQuack McCain attacking Bachmann on her stance of having Huma investigated.I'm sure you know who Huma is and how she's tied into the Muslim Brotherood

          • Carl Manning says:

            I never said Islam was a good thing, did I??? I just said the War on Terror was manufactured by Israel with the 911 Inside job in cooperation with our CIA to appease the military Industrial Complex and make the US military fight Israel's enemies. McCain and Boehner are despicable whores as far as I'm concerned. Their claims against Bachmann have no merit and reveal just what they're all about – Political Correctness.

          • Carl Manning says:

            Did that give them the right to murder 37 US sailors when they bombed the USS Liberty to smithereens and commit the atrocity of 911???

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