Video: Mark Levin Goes Nuclear On Anti-Gun Democrats

While some may believe that the Second Amendment is not at stake with today’s scheduled vote on the Democrats’ gun control package, the term ‘shall not be infringed’ in the 2nd amendment is crystal clear.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    You MUST have a background check and obtain permission BEFORE you may purchase a vehicle, no matter how many wheels it has.
    You MUST have all words you will speak checked for political correctness and offensive nature from the Federal Government BEFORE spoken.
    You MUST be completely vetted, including research on your medical/psychological records from birth, BEFORE you may be permitted to purchase a firearm.

    ALL of these COMMON SENSE actions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Only ONE does the government believe is acceptable to the public.
    Guess which one.

    What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" don't they understand if they have such 'common sense'?

    • The people of this country are unashamedly giving up their rights to freedom. By the time they figure it out, we can only hope it's not to late. The entire government should be thrown out and new leaders who understand what our Constitution is all about elected. That time is now!

      • This is like were watching a real bad movie and can't shut it off. The majority of people out there are either brain washed beyond hope or so not paying attention that I am losing hope that it is to late. We have a government who is applying force (because, hello, that's what government does) and no one gives a damn. It will be talked about one day, there were groups of people that tried to stop this, but most of us thought they were crazy conspiracy theorists and either did not help or looked down on them. After some time it became to late to do anything about it because we could no longer protect ourselves from the FORCE of government and it became unsafe to stand any further for our rights.

  2. dexter6o says:

    Perhaps the thought that those who possess firearms will be loath to give them up may damped the zeal of the few who demand that they be taken away, reduces the hysteria this idle threat is meant to provoke — the force that government would need to use to bring this about does not exist here: few gun owners are shrinking violets or pansies willing to do anything to be liked.
    Because of modern technology, defenders will not have to wait to see the whites of the eyes of anyone willing to risk their own life tryng to deprive one's right to defend themselves.
    All those in government so attached to this particular threat should be removed with the utmost immediacy.

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