Video: Mark Levin: A Neurosurgeon Calls In About Death Panels

If you are over 70 and need stroke care, they are not going to treat you, they are going to give you “comfort care”. You must listen to this Neurosurgeon speaking out. It is scary.

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  1. I do not recognize my country, our founding fathers forgot one thing – TERM LIMITS

    • Leon Berton says:

      I think they would not have imagined people who could have wanted to make a life's career out of becoming part of the political 'elite' caste. Lifespans were shorter in the 18th century.

      But we do need term limits to maintain, in principle, how they, arguably, wanted well-formed citizens with new blood to constantly reinvigorate our republic, while constantly maintaining its true founding principles.

      That's why we need limits to 2 terms for anyone and everyone who holds the Presidency, becomes a Senator, or a Representative, whether it be one or a combination of those offices. And the Supreme Court appointments should be for a maximum of 2 presidential terms, or 12 years.

      May Providence permit this to become reality.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    People better start listening to doctors and certain politicians about Obutthole care and how it will effect you in your old age.This jig is out to bring America to its knees.

  3. obongo's policies in his healthcare will kill people, The Death Panel is in place for all of us. This government will choose who lives and who dies. The best healthcare will be for the rich, they will not have the The Death Panel. obongo and his ugly wife will be spare along with the others crooks in this government.

  4. David1942 says:

    To me doctors, hospitals and medical care are good and necessary in certain instances such as infections, fractures, pain relief and truama. I am 71 and my doctor understands that I won't consent to any of the modern "miracle" preventive medications or invasive diagnostic procedures. I personally know many people whose lives were shortened or negatively altered by medical interventions. IMHO we were much better off in the olden days of no medical insurance and when visits to the doctor were rare and only when necessary. Most medical conditions can be cured by a healthy diet and change in lifestyle. Pharma especially is a devious plot to cull the herd and transfer our funds to their bulging bank vaults. Trust the Lord and stay well with His natural gifts and your own common sense.

    • I'am with you 100%!!! I am 71 and refrain from preventitive medicine also. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies and organic foods when possible. No meat – only chicken once in awhile. I am not on any medication and believe in all Organic cures. Plus I try to excerise.

  5. Tricia Anthone says:

    It's up to US to change the course we're on! Throwing our hands in the air to say, "it's the law of the land" even though the process by which it was enacted was thoroughly CORRUPT is simple laziness!

    Are we or are we not capable of SELF-GOVERNANCE? Obama Care is a NAKED POWER GRAB by politicians who seek to GROW government and AMASS MORE POWER for themselves. This is the ONLY real objective of a career-politician – political predator (which is why we should NOT tolerate political predators in a "free" country.)

    It makes no sense to blame a political predator for behaving like a political predator. It's what they do. WE MUST HOLD OURSELVES RESPONSIBLE for our government. We must REGAIN control of ourselves and the government which arises from our own action or lack thereof.

  6. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Beyond shameful — This is the means by which Oshamo is building his own form of a military — killing off the elderly vis a vis neglect of care — and rounding up anyone under 70 who didn't vote for him in the past election, making sure that they get the shaft, in whatever way possible, to prevent these types from getting anything from the Government..This dictator is going after your soul! Fight to the death against him and his minions!

  7. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    So give Hillary Clinton the ol' death panel treatment — a truly disgusting bitch who needs to take a dose of her party's version of medicine!

  8. This audio cut was debunked a year ago.. why are you posting it here???

    Cite your new sources!

  9. Better check your sources – I am out of this website…

    If you can't be serious and do some simple research and unearth the lies but feed those lies to us, you're useless – the left will destroy you from within.

    I am a conservative American – and "vetting" really does matter.… *DEBUNKED OVER A YEAR AGO*

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