Video: Marine Stein’s Attorney Gives Statement On Pending Discharge For Facebook Post On Obama

If Mark Stein is forced out of the Marines for posting on Facebook about Obama, it will chill free speech online. I hope you will join us in fighting this outrageous injustice.

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  1. The Marine should get a gold medal !!

  2. This whole thing is ludicrous. THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH IN THE MILITARY !!!!!

    • ProundPatriotToo says:

      Sorry Tex52. I am a Vietnam Vet and there was freedom of speech. You just had to know where and when to speak your mind. Now, you are not allow to at all; unless you are a Muslim, guy, Anti-American Black race baitor, or an illegal; than you can say anything you want against anything that is normal, truthful. Name of the game is to be immoral as much as you want and you are rewarded. The devil is in the white house.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Very well said. What is not understood in this instance is never before has there been a reason for anyone in the military to openly speak against a President.
        The attack on our military personnel is unprecedented. Pay, benefits are decreased and living arraignments are changed. What's the saying? Sit down, shut up and do as I say?
        Seems people want to believe you can go fight, and very possibly die, for freedom, liberty and rights but the one fighting must give up all of these. Those of olden times never gave up rights, they just never had anything grand to speak against, or the public forum to do so.
        Serving in the military used to be honorable. Now it's used as a social game. Lets see how much we can take from them, do to them and still keep moral up high enough that they will die for us.

  3. Why has no one confirmed that all military personnel are told they do NOT have to obey an UNLAWFUL ORDER? I don't care who gives the order, if it is unlawful, then you do not obey..@!!!!!!! So why are they giving him a "less than honorable discharge"??

    • Arizona activist says:

      You are correct. Those who followed orders during the Viet Nam war and killed innocents went to prison for it didn't they?

  4. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    For so many of us, this Marine spoke the truth, in our view! Obama IS the ENEMY! And most of us with any intelligence at all know this to be a fact, not rumor, or lies, it is the plain and simple truth. The trouble is, these days the “Truth” is now “politically incorrect”, so of course, the Marines are not to speak anything remotely connected to what is true! Or, for that matter, what is not true! Marines and the other branches of our military are not the only ones who are going to pay a high price for speaking the truth, very soon it will be all of us, IF WE ALLOW IT, IF we sit back and declare “there is nothing we can do”! I beg to differ on that attitude, YES, WE CAN STOP THIS DISEASE FROM SPREADING! We CAN stop this deliberate attack on our freedom of speech! This Marine should be HONORED, NOT TRIED! He is a true American Patriot! Not the criminal that the “media” is making him out to be! They are the CRIMINALS! As is the HEAD CRIMINAL WHO SITS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND SMEARS IT WITH HIS EXCREMENT! It would be hard for him not to “smear it with his own excrement”, for he is PURE EXCREMENT HIMSELF, A WALKING BREATHING TURD! And, an UGLY ONE ON TOP OF THAT!

  5. ProundPatriotToo says:

    The enemy has been in our camp since he entered the U.S. for college through England, just like his father did from Kenya. The Muslin tyrant has been here a long time. Stand your ground all patriots, WWIII is coming soon on our own soil, probably by October or sooner.

  6. Richard says:

    Mark Stein should have known from the time he said "I do" to join the marines, his butt belonged to Uncle Sugar. Military men and women need to understand that freedom of speech, especially dissenting speech, about the government or our dear leaders is verboten. Rights are what the next senior non-com says they are. Is this bad? Not necessarily! In order to have a cohesive fighting force, absolute UNIFORM control is necessary. Sure, it's a tough row to hoe, but I made it through th Navy and still consider it one of the deciding factors for my success later in life. So . . . you want to join the military? Just suck it up, cupcake, and do what you're told when you're told and keep all the politics buried deep inside. They don't want to control your thought, just your actions. Acting out will not be condoned.

  7. Arizona activist says:

    Actually didn't the Muslim that mass-murdered so many people at Ft. Hood speak his mind? Wasn't he well known as a threat for a year before his act of violence? So why the double standard????? HUMMMMM??

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