Video: Marine Describes Death Threats For Slamming Senator Feinstein

Corporal Joshua Boston’s letter has gone viral…maybe too viral!!

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  1. Well said Cpl!

    Fewer guns will not make America safer.

    • As a Veteran myself to you Veteran, I got your back and you've proven you have mine, ready to lock and load and what ever happens, happens. personally I think there gonna hide in the closet cause they had never been on the front lines. Let's do this Corporal.

  2. The more interviews I see with this gentleman, the more impressed I am with him. Honest, straight to the point, so typical of our military personnel. Every gun owner in America needs to stand up with this man. Because he is brave and unafraid of the liberal gun haters, he is speaking for all of us. Folks, an executive order from the president could hit the news very soon and we must ask ourselves where we stand with an unconstitutional order. Will your County Sheriff and local police chief standup for the constitution? Will our local authorities stand with the law biding citizens? I want to believe and hope they will. Keep up the good fight Joshua and thank you.

  3. Another example of the deranged left.

  4. Corporal if you ever need anyone to stand shoulder to shoulder with you I'd be honored. You are the perfect example of an American Patriot. You enlisted, you went to a foreign country and foreign enemies, then you returned home and are presently engaged with domestic enemies. You sir are fulfilling your sacred oath that you took upon entrance into the service. The reason that the domestic enemies have gone after you is for that reason alone. You are honoring your oath, they never have. The only oath they honor is the one to get as much power and money as they can while in office. It is our job to remove them from office. Let the removal of these traitors of the Constitution begin now !

  5. anyone supporting Feinstein is a idiot too and unAmerican

  6. When Fienstien says she's heard from thousands of supporters from veterans, I call bull crap. When she claims she respects the Corporal, I call bull crap. If she respected him, why would she answer with "I'm right, you're wrong, I'm going to do it anyway."? This isn't about safety of Americans. This is about power. All she wants is more power so she can feel safe.
    Don't be deterred Corporal Boston. Keep it up, Marine.

    • Fennec you are so right. This "bitch" is a Communist working to completely distroy our country. Only our means of self defense are stopping them now so if they can take our guns they can take the country. Never give them up. All, please go to and be enlightened.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole and Dianne Feinshit want to take away our guns so we can't protect ourselves.She was most likely behind the threats to this marine.Being a marine I don't see him backing down especially when he has the backing of his fellow marines.Find out Corp.J Boston who sent these threats then go on a recon mission and get the enemy.They'd probably shit their pants whe you knock on their doors.

  8. Corporal, if you ever have need of a seventy-six year old guy who is not afraid to die for his freedom, please call on me. I no longer trust the part of my government that resides and works in /Washington, DC. And it is not just the Democrats who I fear. I can't tell the difference in the two parties anymore. The hope we have in this country is the Constitution, true Conservatives, and guys like you

  9. Angry Man says:

    Let me explain to you how STUPID and NAIVE politicians are. They want to ban some weapons, but not others. And ban magazines greated than 10 bullets…. ok. Let's look at that.

    Let's say the paw passes. The only magazines in this example that you can have can hold not more than 10 rounds. FINE! So you can go out, and buy 20 magazines. Now you have 200 bullets loaded and ready to fire. WOW!.. Brilliant laws…..

    Same thing with guns. So they ban the ar-15. So someone buys a semi auto pistol, a bunch of magazines and away they go! BLAM! BLAM! The only thing I hope for is that next time there's mass killings, it's in congress, not in a school.

  10. I don't trust the idiots in washington except a few good ones. The rest are evil. We need to defend ourselves because Obummer has more under his thumb. Wake up America.

  11. Dear Governor Jerry Brown,

    As Governor of California, as former Mayor of Oakland, as former Attorney General of CA,as former Presidential candidate, and as son of former Governor of CA, your State of CA Treasurer is reporting that CA teachers’ pension is invested in the company that manufactures assault weapons, the assault gun used to massacre 28 Newtown Conneticut Sandy Hook School last month.

    I fully suuport 2nd Ammendment rights to bear arms. Legal guns,.legal sales,.legal ownwes, legal use. Afterall, nobody is completely safe from government corruption, abuse of power and hubris. Weapons keep criminal encroachment to a minimum, especially when government corruption reaches a point of where law and reason has fallen off the cliff.

    We would’t want Feinstein’s Gun Control legislation to leave regulation in the hands of CA stakeholders. If CA cannot control its drug contraband with state-sponsored medical marijuana, and if the State Treasurer shut down their CA 600 billion dollar federal solar project in 2011 because of racketeering, would America feel safe with a Feinstein-sponsored assault weapons law? CA can’t even enforce a medical marijuana decree issued by DHHS. See, CA doesn’t have effective DEA, nor CA AG services.

    Tomorrow, WalMart meets with Gun Task Force members. NRA meets with Gun Task Force members. MSNBC reports with Huffington Howard Fineman that WalMart did a flip-flop with Gun Task Force, first saying that they would not be present with Gun Task Force meetings, then saying they would. NBC Brian Williams put them on the lunatic liberal thought control map by reporting WalMart as selling semi-auto rifles, when, in fact, WalMarts across America do not sell such weapons. I reported this false reporting to Joe Biden and The Gun Task Force in a fax sent after I called WalMart employees on Maui.

    nobody is completely safe from government intrusion,.abuse of power, nor corruption and hubris l

  12. Seeks_the_truth says:

    But they ARE coming after our firearms. What part of this don't people understand?
    Whether it be a revolver or every rifle, they ARE taking our firearms. What gives them the RIGHT to LIMIT what we can or can't own? Show me in the Constitution where you have this right!
    Instead of dealing with the REAL issue, they find these created attacks the perfect opportunity to do so.
    The part I love the most is they try to rationalize their overreaching power grab by claiming they hear from "gun owners" who approve of their actions.
    A dozen or so democrats that have a small revolver they've never fired does not count.
    According to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we have the right to have firearms that equal that of our military to overthrow tyranny if it presents it's ugly head.
    Deal with it cowardly libs.
    I stand with Cpl. Boston, "NO MA'AM"!

  13. If a ban on assault weapons is a point of contact for hubris-based trade and barter between CA Democrats and CA Republicans, then it served its purpose as a lose-lose effort for CA party enemies of control. The rest of the countrt is perplexed even by this Impeach Obama website with no teeth in news reporting. Assumption is made that when a crime is revealed, exposed and substantiated by news groups who claim access to national security privilege, there is an institutional response on record and in the news.

    Most of ordinary Americans don’t read legislative records and court documents. But it’s all there: Impeach Obama is justifiable and in all records, for separation of powers to protect rights.

    If they’re waiting for martyrdom, shouldn’t it be from those who are willing to self-destruct for cause? Not too many are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Could your site find an official that passed the threshold of being useful to self, system and public to make a big ka-ching happen?

    Try CA Rep. Jackie Speiers, who has a look-a-like in Virginia as gun safety advocate on Fox News. Rep. Speiers showed up this am on MSNBC confessing to be a gun violence victim from the infamous Jonestown massacre. She claims her right to selective outrage, outraged by gun violence yet not wanting to discuss the criminal profit relationship between enforcement of contraband drugs/weapons and certain private interest when CA writes gun control legislation. CA did not do too well with drugs, nor with industrial racketeering, see?

    She really did look like her Fox News Virginia twin who said it wasn’t a problem to publish names of those holding gun permits in the local paper in Putnam County. A bizarre story about a double protection of rights risk. I called Congessman Dreier from CA with a complaint about Rep. Speiers’ selective outrage and left a,msg for Speaker of the House Boehner through them.

    Most consider this level of malice by Congress members in CA a direct threat to freedoms and rights.

  14. Eddie Fudd says:

    Senator Finestein should stick to the rules of the Senate, and avoid any further "threats" to Ban Guns!
    She is not capable or in a position to even comment re.: firearms. When she does, she is violating several sections of our United States Constitution–as is Obama, the "illegal alien," when he tries to 'work up" all the communists/subversives that he has appointed to positions of authority in We, The People's government.
    Where does the "alien" think he is, China? North Korea? The Soviet Union? He needs to be ousted from OUR America! OOORRRAAAHHHChestyPuller…

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