Video: Manchurian President: Russia Picked Obama As POTUS

An American physicist living in the Soviet Union in 1992 claims that he was told: “The USA will have a black, Soviet agent as president soon.” Is Obama a fulfillment of this statement? Is this why Obama told Russia, “I’ll more ‘flexibility’ with the missile treaty after I’m re-elected?”

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  1. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    wouldn't be surprised one bit

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    You heard it yourself when the mike was suppose to be off Obutthole told Putins flunky that after he wins Putin will get what he wants.If that isn't being a russian agent then I don't know what is.

  3. Seems as though the russians knew we were going to have a soviet communist black president back in 1992, and she even knew his name, said he had a white mother and a african father. This was a psychologist in russia. She even knew where he was located. She also said it would aid the communist,not the Americans. This lady said he had taken classes in russia, and that obama had to be elected to bring America over to communist and that America was the stumbling block. I think it's past time for his B.A. to go back to Africa, and get out of America.

  4. Russia, a Physologist in russia said in1992 that Obama,a socialist communist black man with a white mother and an african father (by name) would be elected president. She also said it would aid the communist and harm the Americans.
    Obama (as the Communist) have planned is out to destroy Americas from the inside out.
    When is congress going to get smart and limit Obama's travel by plane since it costs the tax payers $185,000 per hour, and Obama is campaigning somewhere every week.
    Folks it's past time for his impeachment he has commited treason by supplying Russia with secret information and money to Al quada and muslim brotherhood your tax money.

  5. MyNameIsMine says:

    How frightening is this?!? Are we powerless to stop it? Have we all become comfortably numb?

  6. I think this could very well be disinfo. How can anyone look at Barack Obama and say, yes, he's half white? Where are his mother's features? He's hair is as kinky as the blackest negro. There are no silky feaures to his hair or skin. He looks, in fact, egyptian unlike the Barack Obama Sr tribe.
    If this woman knew so much about him, how could she not know he was 100% negro?
    Notwithstanding all this, a friend of Stanley Ann, who attended the U.W, stated that Stanley showed up in august or september of 61 with a little black boy. Stanley had never told her that she had recently given birth. In fact Stanley told this friend that she did not need to "date" a man to have a child.
    There is considerable evidence that Barack is actually Bari M Shabazz, son of Malcolm X. His mother's background, though, is in serious question.
    In my mind though she is definitely not Stanley Ann Dunham.

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