Video: Man Sues Wife For “Ugly” Kids

Though this is not the type of story we are known for posting, this caught our interest as an example of the sort of long term damage that can be caused by vanity, arrogance, and utter contempt for the future of one’s own children. What sort of father could take his wife to court (regardless of her faults) hoping to prove that his children are ugly, all for the purpose of trying to win money from her? What effect might this have on three innocent lives later on?

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  1. Uh, hello? This is a hoax. You should investigate these kinds of stories before you post & get so uppity over them. The picture is an ad for a plastic surgeon, as I found out from hoax busting websites. Look at the caption on the picture. It translates into "The only thing you have to worry about is explaining it to your children." This story has been circulating & re-circulating for 10 years now.

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