Video: Major Battle To Kill ObamaCare Starts Next Week

Ted Cruz Gearing up to Lead the Grassroots Tsunami

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  1. Come to think of it, the nickname "Obamacare" is too kind. It needs to be changed to "Obamacontrol". Affordable healthcare was the mask. Control is what lies at the root of the "law". The healthcare bit of the bill was designed to fail, but what about the other parts of the bill that are designed to control parts of American society? Stuff like the mandate for Americans to buy insurance or face some serious legal consequences, searching homes without a warrant, seizure of personal documents and information, and so on. All of those things were hidden in the initial bill that Pelosi and Obama were hoping nobody would take the time to read about in a bill that was almost 3,000 pages long. The whole thing stinks entrapment and it technically isn't legal. They just "deemed" it passed.

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