Video: WATCH Key Obama Eligibility Figure Killed

Hawaii Department of Health Director, Loretta Fuddy, was killed in a small plane crash near Kalaupapa on Wednesday, December 11th. The other eight passengers survived. Loretta Fuddy confirmed President Obama’s birth certificate in 2011. She was 65.

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  1. She was murdered (not killed). I hope an autopsy was performed because it is suspicious that she was the only one in the plane who died. Hopefully she either did a sworn affidavit or something else before this happened.

    • NoSocialism says:

      Agree with you Neleh! This is suspicious because everyone is now finding out how much this guy is a crook ! Obama and his cronies are covering up their tracks one by one so he can say in Office as long as possible !

    • I wonder if we'll ever hear an autopsy report. That may be under lock and key just like all the other information hussein is hiding.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I'm sure the Clintons told him that she was a risk and had to get rid of her like they did to their risks(Vince Foster).

  2. Is this the Clinton Administration, sure sounding like it. How many in Bill's inner circle had accidents or were whacked, answer many, many.

  3. Hawaii claims that the BC Obama put out was a photo copy of what is on the books in Hawaii. If this is so they why on the bottom of the BC did the current Registrar sign it. Photo copy would have shown the Registrar and the Head of the Health Dept signatures in 1961. Gee, couldn't they find these 2 people to sign this document now.

  4. The Hawaii broadcast TV news report neglected to mention that a duly authorized panel of experts working within a constitutionally recognized Law Enforcement Agency in the State of Arizona has announced conclusively that the Obama birth document referenced herein is a fraud.
    Ms. Fuddy had to die.

  5. God punished her. Hey OBAMA…. Do you hear that? GOD, not your false bs god, allah punished her. Allah couldn't save her… That's why she was the only one who died. Because GOD selected her…. and I hope soon, His wrath takes you too.

  6. These communist are dug in deep. Time to rid them from our midst's, lock and load my fellow Americans, the time to rid this evil from the earth is NOW! freedom is ours to reclaim. We have a constitution that protects us from evil. It is high time to enable the glass steigal or however you say it, and fight for our lives, these empty souls have to be stopped and now, not passively like we have been doing. The result of such tolerance for decades, is what we have today my fellow Americans.The declaration of independence need to be stated in front of the people who plan to take their country back with intention of no tolerance to resistance. Another words, start arresting these frauds and let's get it on! WHOOO RAAAA

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    I got to believe this was a calculated murder by Obutthole for fear that Mary Fuddy,Elmer Fuddys wife new to much. If she was to spill her guts or write a book on how Obutthole shouln't be president she would ruin his presidency. I also believe that Hitlary told him he better get rid of her permanently like her and Slick did to those who died mysterously when he was Governor & President Does the name Vince Foster ring a bell

  8. It's called paying the price for fudging documents on behalf of Satan.

  9. USA is FREEDOM says:

    Interesting.. .. ..
    another Executive Privilege? Ordered her murder?
    How many more will die?

  10. From what I understand, she was in the water with a life saving vest on, holding someone's hand (forget who) and he said, "the next thing I knew, she just disappeared." Disappeared? Your holding her hand and she "disappeared"???????? REALLY?????????? Her family should be asking lots and lots of questions.

  11. Lux et Veritas says:


  12. MuslimLuvChrist says:


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