Video: Lord Monckton Investigates Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

Lord Christopher Monckton spoke to Alex Jones the other day regarding ForgeryGate. It is interesting to see someone from “across the pond” to take such an interest in our Republic.

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  1. This man,NOT an U.S.citizen and yet he has it as right as rain in a drought!! The man has defrauded this county and its people..How do you spell TREASON!!

    • 32eagle says:

      Yes this englander is great aint he?and the paradox is our government patsies that are fine and dandy with a foreigner over-riding national security every second of everyday a risk against us-our very lives-our childrens lives-barack obama is our enemy-this english man is our friend and ally-yes indeed Obama should go to the gallows

  2. Evermyrtle says:

    With with the Government officials we are stuck with the only thing possible to get him out of the WH is GOD.. We need to spend double time praying. for some relief from his treachery.

  3. 32eagle says:

    simply inexcusable is the incompetence of Hawaiian government officials and national security-obama never should have qualified for running for senator and never should have been allowed into the oval office and certainly not being allowed to swear in as president- all he has qualified for is TRAITOR-and with that he can possibly face execution-this englishman has got the situation figured out and says what should be done-only congress and the deadbeats on capitol hill have turned a blind eye and apparently are deaf too

    • yes, there is a lot of 'fishy' stuff going on in Hawaii. Were they Bribed????

      Don't remember if it was this site or where – But I read where a man had tried to get his sister's Birth Certificate – born in Hawaii on the same date as obama but died the next day – AND they came up with some excuse why he could not get it……………………. They are wondering if maybe his Birth Certificate # is hers……

      • 32eagle says:

        Yes indeed with ole con job at the helm we have been headed for the falls since he commited a serious felony upon swearing in-he has been swearing to lots of pie in the sky stuff.I only wished that Billy Mays -the legendary mouth of Oxy Clean commercials(whom sadly passed away)had been our president instead-he would have told the truth and our economy would be squeeky clean of corruption

  4. BHO is a fraud. They probably bumped off granny who said he was born in Kenya.

  5. mr bad example says:

    i think the only thing that would get obummer out of the whitehouse now is a double/triple or quadruple lightning strike on air farce one over the middle of an ocean. the reps, senators and judges don't give a rip any more.

  6. Even if Obama is found to be truly the fraud that he is, I don't believe anyone is going to do anything about it. The press is not going to report it; Congress is not going to investigate it. It seems it is up to the American people in NOvember to get rid of him. And, looking at the polls, I still don't have much confidence that the majority of American people are bright enough to vote him out of office.

  7. Everything from birth to collage and draft has been sealed. HMMM, WHY??? Could it be he is ILLEGAL. The problem is the government got caught with egg on their face and have been embarrassed over letting an ILLEGAL run and become liar in chief. VOTE for AMERICA in November not socialism. NObama 2012

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