Video: Lord Christopher Monckton On Obama’s Birth Certificate

A few days ago, British climate change skeptic Lord Christopher Monckton spoke to an audience in California about Obama’s birth certificate. Frankly, we need more Americans to be speaking out on this issue. There is no excuse.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    So the brother of a girl who was born on the same day as Oblameo, and died the next day, asked for a copy of her birth certificate and was told NO?? WHY? He has the LEGAL RIGHT to it.
    Anyone know anything more about this? Update?
    I bet THIS is the certificate number they are trying to use for Obama.

  2. Constitution Day says:

    Dear Media Pin Heads,

    Since you do not know that there is a difference between a photoshopped copy of an alleged document and the real thing – the true and verified original, I'd like to propose an offer to you.

    I want to buy your house or houses, your car or cars, your wine cellar or wine cellars.

    I'd like to buy your services for the next four years, and for the next four years after that.

    Pretty much, I'd like to buy everything that you have for sale, and some, or perhaps all, of the possessions that you may not realize are for sale at any price – your very most priceless stuff.

    I propose to give you photoshopped alleged copies of hundred dollar bills, and provide them to you via a posting of these copies over the internet. Digital "copies" of money that may not exist in the real world, that's what I am offering to you.

    You want a million bucks for your car ? No problem.

    You want a billion bucks for each of your houses ? No problem.

    You have to accept this deal because that's what you are telling me that I have to accept when it comes to the proof that a foreign born, stoner, tea-bagger, Marxist, Moslem treasonous bastard is properly identified as being properly qualified to be the highest ranking officer in the United States of America, a republic, where the law of the land is still the Constitution, and the Constitution requires that he be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be a "natural born citizen."

    This office is priceless. It is the seat of someone who is using his treasonous slow motion coup d'etat, and the enormous capacity for lies, propaganda, intimidation, bribery, force, and even violence unto death, to attempt to dismantle the Constitutional rule of law, and to further attempt to destroy this republic for personal and almost certainly treasonous purposes.

    And yet you insist that I accept a photoshopped copy of an alleged document without the slightest sniff of the original document.

    That's the deal ?

    Well, that's what it looks like to me.

    Let me know when I can get delivery on all this stuff, including the keys and the titles and your signature on the contracts.


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