Video: London Beheading Solves Nothing For Black Muslims And Activists!

While the Brits are known for their “stiff upper lip” (calm in the face of danger), the coolness displayed by these meat cleaver wielding attackers and onlookers was surreal by histrionic American standards.

Another profoundly disturbing element was how the pair of British attackers of Nigerian ancestry held an impromptu press conference despite being bloody from their handiwork.

They could have been a rap duo who’d just stepped off stage for all intents and purposes.

As I stated in the above video, all this duo and possible accomplices accomplished was satisfying every bestial stereotype one could lob toward Black Muslims and the Black community globally.

Attacking a defenseless British soldier in this fashion shows that these two and their cohorts are horrifically divorced from reality.

Black advocates, Muslim and otherwise, who value advancing the cause of freedom should condemn this act.

The absence of such condemnation makes future allegations of racism ring hollow in the ears of skeptics with good memories.

Evil this clear is simple to condemn- unless one agrees with it on some level.

The London beheading did nothing for Black Muslims and Black activists there and globally.

If anything, it may set the clock of racial and religious harmony back as the West wonders just what lurks in its midst.


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  1. The brutal murder didn't solve much but it did wake up a whole lot of people who were brain washed into thinking that muslims are peace-loving people.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Britain has to start throwing these muslims out and sending theiir black asses back to Nigeria.Now is he time to let Brits carry guns and start shooting these terrorists.England did this to England by showing how tolerant they are.

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