Video: LISTEN: Mark Levin Slams McCain As A ‘Useful Idiot For The Democrats’

Mark Levin hammered John McCain for being unwilling to engage Ted Cruz while he was on the floor for 21 hours, only to wait for him to finish to attack Cruz. Levin called McCain a ‘complete useful idiot for the Democrats’ and said he’s a pathetic Senator.

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  1. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    And, Mr. Levin made an astute observation that Obama is mentally deranged and has become unhinged because he cannot get any of his communistic legislation pushed past the House or Representatives.

  2. You got that right, Mr. Levin.

  3. McCain IS a useful idiot for the D's and where is he today? NOT in D.C. (where he should be). He will resign rather than risk defeat but I would love to see him recalled — where are the petitions????

  4. john mc-cain is starting to SMELL LIKE CIGAR ____SMOKE and has white stuff on his LIPS!!!!!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Mark Levin is right on target john McQuack McCain is a tool for the Obutthole regime.He is a traitor to the republican party and so is his sidekick Tonto Graham they receive their orders from Chunky Schumer.It's to bad they didn't keep in the Hanoi Hilton.McCain should take a bottle of viagra, go out in the Arizona desert and whack himself till it falls off.

  6. Rich Walton says:

    True and sad. I thought we had a chance to retire McCain last election but I think the power of incumbency and his Viet Nam war record stalled the effort. McCain needs to either retire or change parties. What a disgrace to the GOP. RHINOS like McCain have about forced me out of the Republican Party. We need to support the Tea Party Patriots and those in congress who support conservative values and the Constitution. We have to start by getting the pretenders replaced with true Americans. If Obamacare is not stopped now, once it is implemented it will be impossible to repeal. Remember, once the gov't starts any program, sets up the mechanisms and hires the people to run it, it is impossible to derail it. It has to be stopped, by whatever means necessary, now.

  7. right on target. McCain is an idot. needs to go. same for graham and McConnell. all dumbocrats stooges

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