Video: Limbaugh Scorches ‘Sick And Depraved’ MSNBC

Rush Limbaugh rightfully characterizes MSNBC’s singular focus as racism.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rush is right these people are bigots and racists and they should be taken off the air.I can't believe years a go I thaught Matthews was a decent reporter now he's just a Obutthole hack.

  2. Old lickspittle Matthews has said his job is to get Obongo reelected.

  3. Matthews is as I say, a PERVERT WITH A PERVERTED MIND!!!! Lickspittle? oh yea, but more a BUTTLICKER! His lips are as brown as the body part he has them stuck to. Not to mention the Brown on his nose, and that is not the “color of the skin” he is kissing with so much abandon!!!!!

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