Video: Limbaugh: ‘It’s Very Difficult To Beat Santa Claus’

Rush makes a good point about last night’s election…

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  1. If you want to use that metaphor, then I suppose. But, I honestly thought Romney was going to win. For a while his chances were looking good, the first I heard about the numbers. When I heard the update, I was puzzled. Now, I'm not so puzzled because I remember something I said early on during the campaign phase: Obama will do anything to get re-elected, including cheat. I'm thinking that's what happened. I mean, how does one candidate look so good and still lose? I mean, the indications were that Obama's administration was "dying" and Romney was going to put him down. Obama's supporters were in decline, he was losing popularity, he had wronged so many people, and he was looking bad over all. So yeah, the question rises: What happened? This isn't right and I bet I'm not the only one that realizes that.

    • You aren't the only one who wants answers and many of us want the "electoral college" abolished! It's an antiquated and ridiculous way to vote in the 21st CENTURY – it was NEEDED for the 19th CENTURY not NOW!

    • Linda from NYC says:

      I would not be surpise that obama cheated, we all know how dirty he plays.

  2. people are dumb ohio is one of the poorest states cleaveland is a slum and they vote for this idiot..

  3. obama must be impeached, he is not a citizen of this country. He has no U S birth cert.

  4. Obama isn't a leader and now we have NO leadership for ANOTHER four years. WHEN are AMERICANS going to GROW UP?

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Rush is right you can't beat Santa Clause especially a black one.americans are the dumbest people going to re-elect this piece of crap. Soros is throwing a big party for Obutthole and maybe he'l choke.

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