Video: Lies The Media Told Me: The Truth In The Trayvon Martin Case

Like ForgeryGate, the mainstream media has covered up, ignored, and lied to us about the facts in the Trayvon Martin case. This video tries to cut through the obvious MSM distortion of who Trayvon Martin was, who George Zimmerman is, and discover what exactly happened that night. We use Twitter posts by Trayvon Martin, newspaper articles, an interview with Zimmerman’s neighbor, police video, and a host of other documents and videos. Not exhaustive by any means, but certainly better than Rep. Fabrica Wilson’s characterization of what George Zimmerman did that night: ‘Trayvon Martin was hunted down like a rabid dog!’ Produced by Obama Files. (Warning: Contains some strong language in the beginning.)

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  1. Fox News should put this up 24/7 to counter the bull-shit main stream commie agenda news. Where are they???

  2. Evermyrtle says:

    You would think that at least one news outlet would want all of the information before they print a story as facts. Is there anyone left that wants the truth, the whole truth. I am beginning to wonder. They have made Martin a hero, while he maybe, I don't know but I certainly like to know what happened there that night, the truth. .Is Zimmerman a victim, too. There never fails, there is two sides to every story. I'd like to see both side of this story.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      MSM wanted this to be racial. When it wasn't they had to fabricate something.
      Zimmerman WAS the victim, Martin was the aggressor.

  3. thestorm says:

    Send e-mails to all on your mailing list.Make this go viral.Flood with it.

  4. I have been praying that something would get this charlatan out of the White House. He is aas close to runing America as Iv e ever seen. He hides behind empty wirds and criminal and those against America.


  5. And the greatest disaster here is that the "Dead or Alive Bounty" is going unpunished. Is that not domestic terrorism?

  6. Gunner221 says:

    If there is any racism here it's from the black community. The so called black leaders like Sharpton have convicted Zimmerman. No trial needed. Travon was a saint. Zimmerman the devil. If the races had been reversed you can bet they would be saying vastly different things.

  7. This video answers many questions and, at the same time also raises question regarding this current proscecutor Corey – another Mike Nifong in the making; since she charged G.Zimmermann with murder.
    It is a politicaly motivated charge, she's in a difficult re-election campaign. As Mike Nifong disgarded many factors of truth on behalf of the Duke LaCrosse Players; so does Corey, who continuously ignores those witnesses as seen and, heard on this video. She repeated ad naseum what the media, the racist lynch mob led by the usual race hustlers and, their main supporter obama and, Holder.
    Zimmermann being sacrified on the altar of a the racist lynchmob by a proscecutor w/alterior motives and, is in the process of being 'Nifonged'. He will not get a fair trial, nor an assurance of remaining alive.

  8. RacerJim says:

    On the recording of Zimmerman’s call to 911 you can hear him breathing hard (as he’s walking fast/running trying to catch up to Martin) until the 911 operator tells him “We don’t need you to do that.”, at which point you can no longer hear him breathing hard (indicating he has stopped walking fast/running trying to catch up to Martin). That comports with Zimmerman’s story that he quit chasing after Martin after losing sight of him, continued walking down the sidewalk towards the nearest street intersection so as to be able to give the police a location where to meet him, turned around and was walking back to his vehicle when Martin confronted him and attacked him.

    The media has also been lying (by ommission) that Martin should have told his girlfriend to call 911 when she told him to run (on the phone), and/or called 911 himself as soon as he was out of sight of Zimmerman.

    The evidence, at least that which is in the public domain, indicates that Martin had avoided being caught by Zimmerman, that Zimmerman had given up trying to catch Martin and there had been no verbal or physical confrontation between the two. That’s where it could have/should have/would have ended, at least until the police arrived. But no, Martin, having evaded Zimmerman, comes out of “hiding”, approaches Zimmerman, verbally confronts him, physically assaults him and gets himself killed as a result.

    • are u sure? has that been verified? i myself will wait til trial. 2 sides to this story. one will be have more facts then the other so the jury will have a clear pic. love to be on this jury. and yes i can be neutral

  9. WHy are you afraid of Obama? Reject him and get him out of your life! He is a worthless pandering idiot
    I do not fear him why should you? Grow a couple America!

  10. Trayvon was NOT “pursued”, “chased”, “tracked” OR “HUNTED like a RABBIT DOG.” Everyone that used those words in this case ARE MENTALLY DEFECTIVE, DELUSIONAL, PSYCHOTIC, OUT OF TOUCH with REALITY.

    If I am on the expressway and I take an exit and the car behind me take that same exit is the driver of the car in “pursuit”, “tracking” or “HUNTING” me? Of course not the driver is just following me since he is a friend and following me to my home. Or he could be angry and is “following” me to give me a piece of his mind (which there is legal precedence for) because he believed I did something wrong. IS he an aggressor? NO!!! and no sane person would be live he is UNTIL he actually assaults me.

  11. cont.

    Say I am driving along and I run a red light. That is seen by a Police officer what does he do? Does he “follow” me? “chase” me? “track” me? “HUNT” me? Or does he “PURSUE” me? It is obvious to a SANE, RATIONAL, LOGICAL, person that the Police Officer IS in “PURSUIT”. What makes the difference? The Police Officer “INTENDS” to CATCH me. If one is just being FOLLOWED he has NO INTENT to CATCH the object they are FOLLOWING. Is the Police Officer “chasing” me? Why? Because he is IN PURSUIT. He “intends” to catch me and not just “chase” me until. Well that is unless I do NOT stop. Then he IS still in “pursuit” and the lay IDIOT will wrongly call it a chase. But the Police Officer’s action did NOT cause me to drive away it would me my own decision to not be caught.

  12. I know it is all SEMANTICS. Well SEMANTICS makes the difference between and mentally health person and a MENTALLY SICK person. Did the parent spank the child or did the parent BEAT the child. Just SEMANTICS. Right.

    If Zimmerman “pursued”, “chased” or “tracked” Trayvon then he also HUNTED HIM DOWN LIKE a RABBIT DOG.

    All of you that used anything other than what is true, that he simply "followed him. ARE PSYCHOTIC!! and should be put on Anti-psychotic medications. NOW!!!

  13. Obviously, Tray…von was in the throes of a serious self ID enigma. He must have been caught off guard whilst he was walking in the dark wearing his hoodie and became agitated when asked to identify himself and answer as to why he was in the hood by Zimmerman who was a designated neighborhood watch volunteer….the problem hers is Trayvon was no angel, Zimmerman carried a gun and used it after a struggle ensued. There is no real reason to think Zimmerman provoked a fight and as more about Trayvon's personality evolves, his recent disposition evidences and the law get's to unravel this witnessed struggle, that Trayvon lost his cool and forced a confrontation and lost the battle.

    Now that racist Holder, flim flammers sharpton and jackson have all had their intervention into this civil case, mucked it up and politicized it, I would think that Zimmerman will be subjected to a Kangaroo court type of justice….the rule of law will be disparaged.

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