Video: Libyan Attack Was A Botched Kidnapping Attempt Ordered By OBAMA!

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  1. Chuck Holmes says:

    Sounds like a very plausible scenario with all the items that have happened that are related or tied to this regime in some manner.

    • ARREST OBAMA says:

      i myself based on what ive read this was all staged by obama to gain favor in the polls.he should be arrest on the spot for treason.ive heard the msm say this is sorta like watergate but i think history says NOBODY died at bary soerto must be arrested then tried by military tribunial for treason charges.they shoud have a big round up of every democrat and a lot of rhino republicans and try em all for treason.then we can start to take our country back from the liberal zealots

  2. onewildman says:

    I've been saying that this was Obama's plan since the day after the attack. I had already read that he had the detachment of Marines leave in Aug. That was regardless to the fact there were known terrorist training camps in the immediate area.


  3. About 11 Sept. 2012 in Bengazi:
    FIRST, it WAS NOT a true “Embassy”–but a collection of rented villas for CIA SPIES. Second Stevens was running heavy weapons through Bengazi to Syria and other places to cause unrest.
    Third, Stevens died of smoke innihilation..The Green Resistance who set fire to the “offices” did not know anyone was still in the building.
    Again, The uSA and GNC puppets do not want anyone to know that it was the Green Resistance, because they want to deny the existance of the Green Resistance (instead say “a few scragglers of ‘Gaddai-supporters’ are only left”) …so they can continue their charade and façade of ‘legitmacy’ !!
    THIS WAS NOT an al-Qaeda operation, as Al-Qaeda work for the USA.

    Maria Van Der Meel writes:
    “What a total cover-up. Thanks Christella”

    Maria, I was told that that Obama has made similiar spies nests throughout the world.

  4. Liberty49 says:

    I certainly hope the truth comes out after Romney wins the White House. Maybe then enough people will wake up so that America will not have to endure another Manchurian President!

  5. If this story is true and if it ever gets out (which I doubt), what Obama did was treason, pure and simple. If he ever gets prosecuted, I hope that it is a capital offense, and Obama is put up against a wall and shot. I also hope the Obama actions finally puts the final nail in the Democratic Party's coffin.

    • I agree. I said Obama should be arrested and tried for treason 3 years ago. The problem is that the prosecutors and other officials who are supposed to do something about the crimes committed by the president, vice president and congress are appointed by the politicians themselves. To me, that's a conflict of interest because it says – appoint me and I'll look the other way and that's exactly what they did.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Don I hope they have a lottery on being on the firing squad.

  6. Joan Neel says:

    This should be sent to our Congress members. They are the ones to begin impeachment proceedings.

  7. dan stewart says:

    I am at a total loss as to how anyone with more than a single brain cell could vote for this extremely poor excuse for a human being. I guess there are many many extremely dumb people in the US. Personally, I think people should have to pass at least a minimal IQ test before they would be allowed to vote, but then, that would eliminate half of the voters. I am not overly smart, but it's pathetic just how dumb even college graduates are. If I offended anyone, then you must be part of the half I referred to.

    • GetAJobGetALife says:

      They Walk Among US………….Very Scary Thought, isnt it????

    • Linda from NYC says:

      I feel the same as you do, I can not understand how anyone can vote for this traitor and I can't believe that this man is getting so much help and cover ups from the likes of Reid, Pelsoi the DingBat, and others who covering for him. And now with hurricane Sandy, he will used this misfornate to try to win votes.

    • I agree with you Dan….people who graduated from college think nothing about investigating each candidate that is running for office, especially the president. I find its always a white female that is always ga ga for Obummer….what gives? The world is falling apart with their stupidity.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      dan you are correct there should be some sort of a test to vote .You can see how stupid people are when you watch Watters World or Jay Leno.People voted for this mulatto simply because he was black not one media organization asked for his college records let alone his birth certificate.

  8. Whether it was an "October Surprise" &/or Elimination of a key player in "Mideast Fast & Furious" we are not told his discretions until after the election if then. After all the nontransparent will not expose himself nor will he prove Who and What he is. The answer is in front of any who are not blind and deaf.

  9. Phillip Burroughs says:

    I am a United States Air Force Veteran, serving as a flying crewchief on C-141-A Starlifters. I was in flight on a mission non classified when the hostages were taken back in 1981. I cannot believe this president did what he did in not sending any help with the most current communication devices of this era. This president should be impeached. They had a saying when President Reagan took office: Whats black and glows in the dark? IRAN THIRTY SECONDS AFTER PRESIDENT REAGAN TAKES THE OATH. When President takes the oath he will award on the spot the Medal of Honor to the Navy Seals who took matters in their own hands as they were AMERICANS.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm sure this is another Obugme scheme gone wrong.

  11. Bill Giles says:

    Biden and Clinton had to know about it. I say we wait until Biden isn't taking his meds and torture him until he talks.

  12. Betty Oser says:

    Where are our elected Senate and Congress? We the American demand action. Start impeachment proceedings immediately….this is a blatant act of treason.

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