Video: Libtalker Mike Malloy Calls For Beheading Of Conservative ‘Tea Baggers’

So much for the left and tolerance, huh?!?!

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  1. siteunseen says:

    Not if you've got an AK47 pointing at them they won't!

  2. JacktheFAC says:

    Remember when our "fair" congess passed the "Hate Talk Crimes" law. Of course, we know this does not apply to liberals; oh excuse me, i mean "progressives." Its funny they call themselves "progressives," but ever since they have been in power, our country, economy. employment, trade, manufacturing, etc., as DI-GRESSED.

  3. woobernicker says:

    Well Mike I invite you to a beer! Bring your finest saber and lets see who walks away. :)

  4. I suggest that we take the results of this election and the states that went for O-Hole can become one country. Those states that went for Romney can become their own sovereign nation. For a limited time voters in either new nation will be able to move permanently to the other country but that option will be ended quickly since we know that the new lefty nation will make their citizens lives miserable in short order. And they'll try to sneak into our country but we'll have actual border enforcement to keep them out.

  5. What is FCC phone number?

  6. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Who else calls for beheading? Oh yea, that's right. The mu slimes. Sounds like this dead head liberal believes in sharia law.

  7. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Well listen to me, bitch. If I ever see you ANYWHERE, I'm going to straight up kick your miserable ass on the spot. You can't count on it, punk.

  8. ConanTheRepublican says:

    Everyone is just being a bit too goddamned gentlemanly about this. This punk needs his ass kicked.

  9. Linda A. From NY says:

    I hope some one will kick his ass, I have never seen so many stupid people who are determine to bring this country down.

  10. Through out recent history they have used the same tactic of promising everything to the gullible. Obama acquaintance[sic}Ayers and his friends talked about getting rid of 25 million people after the take over and setting up re ed camps. They have done that through FEMA and Homeland Security. The SOP is written in FM 3-3940, the Govt has bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, Has the TSA on the Streets as well as airports. And the rhetoric is similar to the vilification of the European Jews. Don't take this lightly people, they want your guns, they are stealing your wealth, De industrializing the Country, Vilifying Religion and conservative values. Thrown away the right to privacy and the need to acquire a warrant. This is the same lead up used in Russia,China, and Germany. Only this time it's the Globalist Bankers working in conjunction with the Commies. And at the base is the Council on Foreign relations and it's approximately 500 members scattered throughout this government. This shadow govt is directly liked to the U.N. Agenda 21, The EPA's continual intrusion into businesses by "Green Regulations" Also the shift of jobs overseas. I urge you to understand this,they control the media, and are in every facet of American life. They are global and in other country's,in the U.K.they are called Chatham house. Just to show you their control all 2008 and 2012 presidential candidates were CFR except Ron Paul ,that's why the avoided and scoffed his campaign. Here are some links that should get you started .
    And this last one here is to show you that Al Qaeda is a NATO group, the Boogy man if you will. If Al Qaeda was responsible for 9-11 then why hasn't the state Dept or the White house protested this and why was it not a major news story?

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