Video: Liberal Host Smears The Bible

Thom Hartmann absurdly suggests that the Apostle John made gay advances toward Jesus during the last supper.

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  1. your going to hell you sob, go crawl back under your rock, so you like being a f****, you need to go to prison they will help out your needs,

    • James, I couldn't have said it any better. Thank you for putting it is writing. I am proud of you. This fool is as sick as Obama and his crooks. This shows just how sick the democrats really are. To think that we have fools like this running America, is something for the books. Lord help us here in the USA.

  2. There are BOUNDRIES and RULES to EVERYTHING in life that one MUST NOT CROSS, or else our society is corrupt, chaotic and immoral, such as this love and gay marriage topic. A person can love everyone but that does not mean to go screw everyone. Same thing goes for marriage. The BOUNDRY LINE STOPS after marriage between MAN and WOMAN.
    That IS EXACTLY what is WRONG with the world and the people of TODAY! EXAMPLE: DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, SOCIALISTS and the list is long.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    This dickhead should contract stage 4 cancer and die a horrible death but this is just a typical socialist commie democrap saying what people like Blob Beckel Cathy Arue believe

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