Video: Liberal Hate Speech Floods The Radio Waves

Conservatives are repeatedly under attack by hateful liberals on the radio. Here, Sean Hannity and Brian Maloney give us a tour…

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  1. We the people need to clean out all of dc. We cant just get obama out . We need to take sen. con. out to put some one in that cares about the usa.,and its people WE DON,T NEED ANY MORE BLAKS IN OFFICE THEY CAN NOT KEEP THIRE OWN HOUSES IN ODER .

  2. Deepizzaguy says:

    Hate speech makes no sense

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    How listens to these crazyliberal socialists their audiences can't e that big.It's time to threaten the sponsors like the libtards do to Rush and conservative radio.Fat Eddie Schultz shold have been Aborted along with Miller and Malloy

  4. disgusted says:

    Dale is right about the “blacks” not even being able to “keep their own houses in order”! Plus, the “men” can’t keep their pants pulled up, nor their zippers zipped. The “women” have no idea how to keep their underwear on, nor their legs closed! What they DO know how to do is reproduce, reproduce and reproduce, even more useless offspring, whom they “raise” to be as useless as the spawns which spout them out like rabbits! Before the “election” of this sorry peice of wasted flesh, I really had no problem with the “blacks”. Since then, my opinion and regard for the lot of them have fallen to the depths of a bottomless pit. This is not “hate speech”, this is the honest way I regard, see this sorry waste of “humanity” if it can indeed be called “human” at all! The behavior of this race of beings, with the exception of a few, so few that they are almost next to impossible to recognize, brings to mind a collection of mindless beings who were the worst of all “creations”! If man is created equal, then this leaves out this race of utterly mindless, useless, and brainless collection of “walking dead” to have ever been foisted upon the earth! I do sincerely apologize to those like Cap Black, and others like him, but until this race of mindless beings develop brains, and the know how as to using such a thing as a brain, then my regard, my opinion of the lot of them will remain as it is. No regard, no respect, no kind of feelings whatsoever, at all, for such totally useless boils on the ass of all humanity! Let’s face it, when a being has no clue as to how to even so much as pull their pants up, something is decidedly MISSING in the area of intelligence! Animals give birth, and even animals know how to raise their young properly, and to teach them how to survive, but these mindless beings, with dark skin color, have no clue as to how to even begin to raise an offspring they shove off onto a world which has no need for one more such useless being. God had better have mercy on them, because the mercy and compassion of mankind is swiftly running out for any and all of these wastes of time, energy and effort. If they are hated, it is because they beg for it, they ask for, and recieve exactly what they ask for! The revulsion, disgust, dislike and outright hatred of mankind, by their mindless and violent behavior!

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