Video: Let’s Turn Around, America!

Wild Bill tells us how to turn around America—or more pointedly, how to resuscitate America—after Barack Hussein Obama has destroyed our economy, our foreign policy, and our country’s moral foundations.

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  1. Well "Wild Bill" got any solid suggestions as to how to begin to take back America? I mean your talk is great and wonderful but do you have a serious and solid plan to "start" this take back America movement? Voicing suggestions and giving opinions in taking back America is one thing but are you ready to start? If not then what is the purpose of pointing out all the reasons that "someone or others" should start this "take back" of America? You read and hear about this issue all the time for over four years and still nothing. You hear and read about massive voter fraud nationwide but when Judges are caught in the middle of fraud hearings they supposedly get phone calls to make up some insane ruling against the fraud and nothing gets done. There are lists on the internet naming names and pics of who's who in the socialist club and how long, but they are just lists. No one is going to apparently take on the task of the "take back America agenda" because there is no one big enough to organize it or take it on. The generals are even quitting and being defrocked in front of their own men "the military" and the American people. People are being murdered and hung out to dry and of course its obvious who is to "blame", but no one again is strong enough or bold enough to lay out a plan because they would either have their lives threatened or family members according to things I have read including generals, judges, common citizens and anyone that is not part of the "socialist agenda. It is a sad day in the history of America for sure. I do believe that 2012 will be the last of the good ole' days and years in this country as most of us have known America and her grand old flag will fly in glory no more. I read this morning that in eleven (11) states there are more on government dole than working in those states. Wow a nanny country is afoot. But we the people that still work to support this nanny nation that is being built to control people in the end we the worker bee's that support the taker's and the states, and the government, and the military, will one day give up and quit or leave. Then what's left to take back? Nothing. It all started when Bill Clinton signed America's death certificate and signed the NAFTA agreement to send our JOBS OFFSHORE. So, Wild Bill, what is your real plan or purpose to just talk about "taking back America"?

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