Video: Lest We Forget Michelle’s Last Four Years Of ‘Party All The Time’

Great video explaining how much Michelle Obama has taken our tax dollars for granted.

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  1. It's what blacks do when they gain access to financial resources, they loot the treasury. That is what they do. That is what they are. That is who they are, looters.

  2. She had to read that because she doesn't really feel that way.

  3. She is scikening she hates whites and she hates this country she needs to pay us back for all the money she as stolen from us hard working people Thats why her and Ovmit are doing everything they can to stay in office so they can travel on are money and stay at the best places and have gaurds around them 24 hours They will kill to stay in the white house I no I will never vote for a Demacrap president the rest of my life I have had it with the Demacratic party

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      max you are right and this was a truthful comment.I wouldn't vote for a family member was a liberal democrat.

  4. i guess if obama the hypocrit is re elected we'll be paying for another 4 years of vacations plus getting screwed.

  5. Liberty49 says:

    I can hardly wait to kick her sorry ass out of the White House and fumigate before a truly patriotic family can move into 'our' White House!

  6. A ghetto gutter rat that hit the big time and loves spending, our money…….They hit the lotto or so they think..

  7. Joan Neel says:

    And they continue to ridicule Mitt Romney for having money that he earned honestly, unlike them. They believe in redistribution …. take hard earned American taxes and squander it.

  8. She doesn't give a s**t about this country. kick the SOB's out of the WH. We've paid enough for their living it up on our tax dollars. I'd like to see them disappear off the face of the earth.

  9. Linda from NYC says:

    While Americans struggle to feed their families, obama and wife abusing taxpayer's money. Who the hell these people think they are? They are theives, stealing from the taxpayers. We must all vote and vote them OUT!! get their black asses out of the whitehouse.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This coon never had it so good so her and that dickhead husband of hers want to bleed as much as they can out of the American taxpayer.This is the reason they want another 4 years.They poke fun of Ann romney but she atleast buys her own clothes and not from Omar the tent maker like the Grape Ape does.

  10. Linda from NYC says:

    did I miss something? I saw the video and I couldn't tell if michelle got piss, she look like she was having a good time and obama as always loves the attention. I am more disapointed that these actors and singers are supporting a man whose intent is to ruin America with his failed policies and ignorance.

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